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I purchased a "blemished" Mishimoto Intercooler about 1 1/2 years ago from somewhere, I'm too old to remember, and it arrived without any installation accessories which means it was missing the top mount tabs and the air deflector tabs. This Christmas I received a new Mishimoto Intercooler, long story as to why, and it came with all the mounting hardware. The M has been ground off and painted over since it is a blemished unit. The dimensions are exactly the same as my new unit and there is no difference in performance. Initially I mounted the blemished unit (see the pic for the little dent that I believe is considered the blemish) and used two pieces of chain link mounted to the front of the bumper area. It was solid as a rock. I've got the new one mounted and it works fine and no better than the blemished unit although it came with little air deflectors. I don't need two of them so I'm letting the blemished unit go for $250 local pickup. If you want it shipped you can email me a FedEx label based on using the Mishimoto box that is 42x10x12 and the weight is 40lbs from zip code 75057. If you have it shipped you will not be able to look at it before buying it and I won't take a return. I you use Paypal as a purchase rather than friend transfer you will need to add 2%. It's a good intercooler and hopefully someone can use it. Please note I scuffed up the hot side where the pipe connects to reduce the chance of the pipe blowing off.
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