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Milltek Non-resonated Cat-back Exhaust

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I'm looking into buying the Milltek non-res cat-back and wanted to get a pulse, from people who've pulled the trigger on it, if it is worth the money. From what I have been listening to on YouTube, it seems to be the deepest note and most raw sounding exhaust out for the RS to date, but I'm a little hesitant because I am yet to hear it in person.

Anyone out there who has one and can give their $0.02 on how they like it so far?



Wanted to close this thread out and thank everyone for all of their inputs!

I ended up buying the Milltek non-res on Cyber Monday for 10% off ($1,367.14) from Rallydirect. For the install, rented the cutter Ryan recommended since I was too impatient to wait for my friend to be free to use his garage. Overall the install was a piece of cake and as many have said the fit is perfect since there are so many pieces to the exhaust that can be adjusted as you put it together.

As for the sound, I think I'm in love! There's absolutely no drone, startup sounds aggressive and then quiets down as the car settles, there's a ton more turbo noise (esp. into 1st gear), and normal mode actually silences the car quite a bit and reduces pops. As for the pops in sport...I don't think I've passed through a single tunnel yet without letting a couple rip.

For those of you reading, wondering if it is worth the money - if you haven't figured it out by now, the answer is yes!
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Im also planning to get this but I'm afraid the non res will be to loud.
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