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*** MARKETPLACE RULES - Read before posting ***

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***Any post found not meeting the minimum requirements and/or marketplace rules will be deleted without notice***


1)Title of the thread must contain the following: FS: (For Sale), WTB: (Want To Buy) WTT: (Want To Trade), or FREE:

2) In the body of your For Sale or For Trade post, use the format below (copy and paste) to list THE BASIC FACTS for each item being sold or traded:


A. Item for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.):
B. Condition: New In box, Used, Good, Fair, Dented, etc.
C. Price/What you want to trade for:
D. Location of item:
E. Picture of item for sale or for trade MUST CONTAIN (within the same picture) a sheet of paper with the following on it:

•Your User Name
•Today's Date


Box Rectangle Car Vehicle

Can't provide all the BASIC FACTS? You're not ready to post.


**All new threads must meet the minimum requirements listed above. Threads not meeting these parameters will be deleted.**

1) DO NOT bother registering if it's for the sole purpose of selling things. Take it to eBay or Craigslist. The intent of the Classifieds section is for participating/contributing members to sell and trade items they no longer need or want. Minimum ONE MONTH membership AND 25 posts required before creating a new thread in the marketplace. Do NOT try posting on the forum just for the sake of increasing your post count so you can sell your items here. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned.

2) Links to your eBay auction, Craigslist ad, or other For Sale/For Trade listing will be deleted. This also means no 'describing' an ebay item or item number, PMing links to bid on eBay or similar sites. Unsolicited PMs to members with links to your eBay or Craigslist will result in a vacation from

3) No commercial sales or solicitations allowed. If you would like to sell commercially, contact the site admin to become a Supporting Vendor.

4) Please post in your thread when each item has been SOLD or ask a Moderator to close the thread.

5) "Feeler," "gauging interest," "testing water," or "possibly for sale" type threads will be deleted. Either you're selling the item or you're not. If you're not sure, you do not need to post in the Classifieds.

6) Please keep any discussions (i.e. posts) on topic/relevant to the item(s) for sale or trade. Have a comment? PM the seller.

7) DO NOT thread jack. If you don't like the price, then PM the seller and work out a more reasonable price. If you're not interested in the item, then don't post in the thread.

8) Please do not "bump" your thread more than once within a 24 hour period.

9) ALL NEW THREADS made after rules were posted on 08-15-2016 at 5:10pm (EST) are required to meet marketplace posting requirements. Threads that were started before that time will be left as-is.

***Any post found not meeting the minimum requirements and/or marketplace rules will be deleted without notice***


All transactions are the responsibilities of the parties involved. is not responsible or liable for any marketplace transactions. Please use sound judgment when you make a purchasing and payment decision.
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