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Looking for headlight restoration tips

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I am no detailer, but looking to learn. My RS had some wrapped brows on the leadlight that i didn't care for. I like the accents of the daytime running lights.

I decided to take off the wrap and probably found why the past owner put it on in the first place. Maybe a bad restoration coverup? but it's pretty scratched up some kind of deep too.

Looking to see if maybe someone had luck with just a compound to buff on it for something this bad or if it's too bad, what kind of sanding and buffing process would you think work best to bring back to perfect clear. TIA!
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I've this Sylvania kit 4 times now to restore some crazed yellowed headlights on my old cars with shockingly good success.

Sylvania kit

Not sure how deep the scratches/cracks on your are. May need more elbow grease, but this kit might get you there.
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