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2017 FW RS owner here, 11,800 miles - Anyone else had their HPFP start pissing fuel? I noticed it after doing my first AutoX event where the car was an absolute blast. It's at the local dealership now and I hope they're cool about it. It was leaking from the bottom of it substantially and was coated decently at the line so it's also leaking there. A bit scary since the headers and all are in that area, could've lost the car entirely. I couldn't smell it at all, which is weird. It was pooling nicely underneath it. I assume that came off for the headgasket repair, so, definitely possible it just wasn't fully tightened down.

This adds to the warrantied items:
Passenger front axle (the entirety)
Leaking transmission from shifter turret

These sorts of issues at low miles leave me like a lot of RS owners... Wondering about long term ownership and reliability, at least I have a 6 year 100k Ford warranty, but that also means I'm not willing to put a tune on it or improve the powertrain in much of a meaningful way till that's over.

Current mods:
Mishimoto intake
Steeda jacking rails
KW DDC coilovers
Vorshlag camber plates
Stainless brake lines
Rear camber / toe arms
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