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Lazy Clutch

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I just experienced something very strange that I wanted to share on the forum. I was doing some spirited driving and just entering a small roundabout when I clutched in and shifted to 3rd gear. When I released the clutch it seemed to stick like halfway down and I applied the throttle like would normally do. Since the clutch was partially engaged and I was trying to accelerate, I ended up slipping the clutch for about 5 secs. After this the clutch seemed to return on its own and issue did not repeat.

I do not think I did much damage, but the smell really lingered and stunk up my garage - which is concerning me a little as I must have burned it some. I recalled some other thread where people stated that their clutches were permanently stuck down, so I was glad that did not happen to me. I hope this is not a common occurrence as it does shake the confidence in driving.
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Probably needs to be bled. There are quite a few people who have had their clutch stick to the floor due to this. You have an early sign of the issue.

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