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Hi guys, I'd like to officially say hello to everyone from! We've been around the Ecoboost community for a little while now and have finally decided to further our business by officially joining the new as a supporting Vendor. We've successfully tuned Hundreds of ecoboost cars and are tuning and wrenching on more and more every day! We are very Avid members of the Atlanta ST Club as well as a few other ST/RS specific clubs. We look forward to contributing tons of reviews, results, data, and information to this forum on a daily basis. Please feel free to contact us for all of your Focus RS and Ecoboost performance needs!

Now, for a little info about us.

During our spare time, you can find us on the track, at an autocross, rallycross, dragstrip, or basically any motorsport event that we can attend. We are passionate about what we do and hope to bring this passion and knowledge to our customers.

We are currently building our second Global Time Attack Limited FWD class race car. The car is a 2015 Ford Focus ST, and we plan to raise the bar for ST/RS performance with this new racecar. Many parts are one-off and are custom built for our race car. (I've attached a few pictures of our last GTA car at Global Time Attack Road Atlanta earlier this year, this car was actually my daily driver and was still full weight with full interior and street tires)

We have been tuning, building, and racing cars since 2006 and have participated in many different forms of motorsports over the years! We build our own racecars, which has allowed us to develop a large knowledge base of everything from turbos and suspension to wheel and tire set-ups. If we can't answer your question right away, we are willing to spend time on researching and talking to the appropriate people to find the answer for you.

We have raced on the national level with the SCCA and are PCA licensed driving instructors. We understand the various dynamics of vehicle modification and how to apply it properly to a track setting. Because we are avid motorsports fanatics, we have used and are willing to use any of the products that we sell. We can provide our customers unbiased feedback on many of the products that we have available.
JST Performance began as a Subaru specific parts retailer under the name Subie Autosport. Since then, we have grown tremendously and increased our product base to include the Ford Ecoboost platform. We have further expanded the services that we provide by becoming SCT and COBB approved ProTuners and by adding our very own dyno to our facility! Our in-house tuner has spent countless hours completing hands on training at the SCT Performance facility with their lead tuners as well as many classroom sessions at the EFI University learning how to properly tune the Ecoboost platform for performance applications.

We strive to make the purchasing experience simple and easy for our customers and we are looking for 100% customer satisfaction from every transaction. As a company, we want one on one personalized customer relationships, meaning that we want our customers to feel that they can reach us anytime for any reason...even if it is just to chat about cars!!

Brian and Corrin Tyson - Owners

JST Performance, LLC

Telephone: 478-290-7953

[email protected] for Tuning, Parts, and Labor inquiries


Instagram: @Jst_performance

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Also we've already had the pleasure of Dyno Tuning a handful of Focus RS' on our in-house Dyno here is just one example of a tuned Focus RS on our dyno. Gains of around 50whp and 50tq with on the Cobb Accessport, Our custom JSTUNED Dyno tune, Denso ITV22 Spark plugs, and a Cobb Air filter!
Stock Whp= 296WHP... JSTUNED WHP= 346WHP.. The Cobb Stage 1 tune made about 320whp on our dyno
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I would like to say thank you again to Brian and the staff at JST-Performance for the service they provided for me. Brian and I spoke a few times prior to my appointment at JST, as Brian wanted to make sure as to what I was wanting to accomplish with our session. Once I arrived, Brian had a definite game plan together, and he was able to accomplish exactly what I had hoped for.... and then some. If you guys are on the fence as to whether or not to tune your RS, the results you will see after Brian is through will be astonishing. His commitment to accomplishing what I wanted was and is, greatly appreciated. I have spoken with other JSTuned RS owners personally, and their opinions are the same as mine. I'm sure they will chime in with their own success stories. So if you are looking for an E-tune, performance upgrades, dyno session or a combinations of any or all, give JST a call. Thanks again Brian for your professionalism and hard work on my RS, hope to see you soon. Maybe at the Track!

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Thanks to Qluber and a few others on this forum as well as a few few others with Focus ST's for turning me onto Brian and JST Performance. I was very happy with my RS, but it lacked in a few places. I was going to have a shop local to me tune the car, but i was told Brian was the after talking to him I setup a time to go down and get a custom tune on the RS as well as install a few parts. When I showed up he went straight to work, added new plugs and a charge pipe...and answered all of the questions I had for him. Brian is a very down to Earth guy who loves what he does. After he finished installing the parts, we went and data logged had lunch, and then he installed his tune on the car and WOW...night and day difference.

The car turned into something felt right the way it was ment to be. As I look back to the marketing, press videos, and seeing our European brethren drive these cars, my RS now feels like what they got to drive. Acceleration is fantastic, no lag between gears, power is always there. That was just off the e-tune, when we got back Brian hooked it up to the dyno and worked his magic. Final numbers were 346hp and 414tq, mind you this is a preliminary tune, I will be going back in October to install a full exhaust, downpipe, intercooler, and adjusting the tune.

Brian has done an amazing job with my car, his prices are fair and the man puts in work. He treats your car with respect, not once did I feel like he was being rough or mistreating my car. He will be the only person working on my RS for any future mods and tuning work I will be adding.

Hats off to you sir!

PS.....avoid the BP station 1 exit north of Brian's exit, they sell bad gas.
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