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The RS from factory is already a great car. It's hard to complain about a car with a trick AWD system, 345 hp and a six-speed manual. However that being said no car is perfect and the RS does come with a few flaws. My goal for this car is to make it a perfect blend of fun daily driver and crazy fast track car basically like the RS "Cosworth" or "Evolution" that we didn't get. Most of the Bolt-on parts I went with Mountune, I know they're expensive compared to other companies, but I really like the quality of their products. Quality is something that's really hard to explain, you have to see and feel it for yourself. I did have their tune for a bit, but i then decided to try Adam's tune from Tune Plus and I am very happy with it. He's definitely a wizard with fast fords and can get the most out of the RS very efficiently. I have a 93 octane tune and a e30 tune from him and I had him set it up to where the power and torque are pretty even kinda like how stock is. I didn't want too much torque as I felt it would ruin the driving experience for me, personally I like when power and torque is pretty even maybe with the hp being a little higher so it feels like a 1 to 1 ratio and more linier power-band. I mainly use the e30 tune and the 93 is for just incase. I would highly recommend the e30 as it fixed the top-end problem most RSes have when tuned, if you can't find e85 near you then his 93 tune is still very good but if you have around where you live then do it. As someone who was skeptical of doing an e85 blend to begin with, I'm very happy with it :). I still have many more modifications left that I want to do but I'm happy where the car is so far.

List of Modifications:

Mountune engine mount $159
Mountune Intake and filter $500
Mountune full intercooler upgrade (this includes the chargepipe and hoses) $1,000
Mountune Lowering springs 15mm front and rear $259
Mountune Breather Plate $143
Mountune Sound supression chamber 60$
Scorpion Catless Downpipe $280
Turbosmart Wastegate Actuactor $139
Turbosmart Dual-port BOV with upgraded spring $225 (had the Mountune recirculation valve $160 before)
Whtieline anti-roll bars and endlinks front and rear $557 (fronts are 3 way adjustable and rears are 2 way adjustable, neutral on the front and full stiff on the rear)
Grimmspeed lightweight battery kit $270 (30 pounds lighter than stock battery)
Radium Engineering Dual Catch-can $490
Mishimoto Oil cooler with thermostat $695
Fuel-it bluetooth ethanol sensor $300
Tune + e30 and 93 oct tunes $350 (unlimited tune plan)

Future Mods:

Brake pads and lines
Upgraded Clutch

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Yesterday I installed a set of XTA Coilovers by ST suspension. The installation was very simple and harmless as I had my Friend Matt help me out as who is one of the only people I trust. This Coilover set up can adjust from 10mm - 40mm from stock and the rebound goes from 0-18 clicks. The Fronts also come with built-in camber plates how ever the rears do not. To compensate for this I added SPC performance rear camber arms with gives me full adjustability all round now. Since this is a fix suspension set up not a adaptive suspension like how stock is I ordered KW’s dampening delete kit with connects to the lines for the adaptive suspension. This is a must have as it will prevent the car from throwing any codes and you won’t have to worry about losing the drive modes witch would suck.

Adjusting the ride height is very easy especially in the rear. The height adjustment is on the bottom of the coil. The hub for the spring sits on the spring perch but the actual adjustment connect to the hub underneath the spring perch. This means that to simply adjust the height you don’t have to take anything out and simply twist the notch to however high or low you want the rears. The fronts you’re given a key to twist the coilover for however much pre-load you want for the height but you can simply just you your hands. To add camber or adjust the rebound for the front is a little tricky only because you have to remove the wipers and strut to access the top hats. Once you do though it very simple. You’re provided with a little key for the dampening and rebound And you want to start at full stiff (18 clicks) and work your way back. I have everything pretty much set to neutral as possible until I go to a track and really test it then I’ll play with that stuff though The ride height is set pretty low as it is could barley get a finger gap I’d say just about a finger. So far I’ve gotten no rubbing at all and have scraped the nose on anything.

The difference between this and the stock shocks is mind blowing! The way the cars handles feels like a cayman GT4 and with the Whiteline sway bars a had on it just makes it a beast. The best way to put is that I feels slow because it can handle the power so much more effortlessly. Now the car goes like a rally car and definitely handles like one and that’s saying a lot considering how well a stock RS handles. Truly is night and day. Plus loosing unsprung weight doesn’t hurt either lol.

Of course there’s the question of the ride and comfort. Like I said I have that on the neutral setting and honestly it’s a million times more liveable with these shocks. The best way to put is that imagine the tightness the sport suspension you get in track mode but without none of the drawbacks. The infamous “Pogo” is gone completely. The car feels like it glides on the rode. Yes when you hit a bump you will know but the car settles itself so quickly you won’t really think out about too much. They’re Coilovers they’re gonna be solid but it has made that car much more useable and comfortable.

I really do recommend doing a set of Coilovers on the RS. It fixes everything wrong with the car’ Stock suspension. The only downside is that you loose the adaptive suspensions but for me I rarely used the sport suspension even when I’m in track mode I usaully turned it off. Of course KW have the adaptive suspension but I simply didn’t have the money for it and plus these XTA coilovers I think are the best value for what you get on the market. Do yourselves a favor and get coilovers for this car it’s the #1 best mod without question 👍🏻.

(PS - Yes I had mountune springs before I put the coilovers)

XTA Coilovers $1,419.49
KW dampening delete $399.00
SPC rear camber arms $155.00

Total - $1,973.49


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Last week I did my first track day of 2019 at the PBOC Winterfest at Sebring. This was an exciting one for me as Sebring has always been a track on my bucket list and I had yet to go until last week. Both Me and my dad took our cars to the event. We did 8 sessions in two days. I of course brought my Focus RS and my dad brought his Audi RS3. We went along with the Audi North Orlando dealership group who are always getting the chance to go to a track day. All in all it was a blast 😁.

Both my car and my dad’s RS3 are tuned and modified. To recap my RS has the

Mountune B7 package,
Mountune Breather plate
Mountune Stainless steel lines
Mountune track pads
Mountune Short Shifter
Turbosmart Wastegate Actuator
Turbosmart Dual port BOV (pink spring)
Radium Engineering Dual Catch-cans
Mishimoto Oil Cooler
Scorpion Catless downpipe
Grimmspeed Lightweight Battery
Whiteline anti roll bars (full stiff front and rear)
Whiteline endlinks
ST suspension XTA Coilovers (neutral rebound)
KW Dampening delete kit
SPC Adjustable Rear camber arms
Titan 7 T-r10
Toyo R888r

Car is also in an ethanol blend Tune

Sebring was so much fun, probably my favorite track to go to so far. It has a bit of everything slow corners, fast corners and big straights. I know some people have said that it’s bumpy but honestly it felt fine to me, yes it’s maybe a tad bumpy but it’s not a dealbreaker. However that could be because I’m still young and naive haha and could be because the coilovers literally fixed everything wrong with the stock suspension, but in all seriousness I highly recommend anyone to go to Sebring for a weekend. I can definitely say I will be going again many more times.

Overall the car was spectacular. On the straight it had a good amount of power, the back straight I was reaching 130 mph. Tho the car seems more preferable in the lower rpms due to the low end torque and mid range, top end is good but could be better and is not the rs’s strong suit (a big turbo shall fixed that haha 👌🏻). However, it’s in the corners where my RS is ridiculously fast. I tried everything to make the car misbehave and it just wouldn’t give and yes I had everything turned off. It also had ZERO understeer whatsoever. On Slow corners it would just zoom right through them and on the high speed corners it could handle godly speeds and not loose it. On “Bishop” the car was able to take that corner at 115mph and not break a sweat, pretty much you can just take some corners just flat out and it felt like that car wasn’t even struggling and it just shows how great the awd system is especially when you put a lot of suspension mods to it, in a way it opens a huge amount of potential. The car feels like it can handle way more power than what it already has. The best to put is that it’s a BabyGTR. The brakes were solid as well, I’m planning on doing girodisc rotor which will save 10 pounds in the front so I will do a review of them later this year. Lines and pads were nice and held up good with the Motul 660. Also heel/hoe in this car is just so unusual, not a dealbreaker but I will put a pedal spacer for the accelerator pedal its way too deepbehind the break pedal. I can still do heel/toe consistently but it’s just annoying.

Also as many people are aware there’s the “problem” with the rear diff overheating in a session, I can report that I had not such problem at all and not problems in general. The first day it was 80 degrees and the second was 60 so you can say that well it is winter so maybe that might be different when summer comes but I don’t see that as a possibility. I drove the living day lights out of the car and I was worried that it would overheat but it didn’t, can I guarantee it won’t happen to you, no but all I can say is that it didn’t happen to me.

I think everyone who has yet to do a track day should 100% do it, it’s worth every single penny and you will be a better driver because of it. It was really cool to see other drivers who had way more expensive cars admire this car and even say that they couldn’t keep up with it lol. Getting to track my own car has given me an even greater appreciation of the RS and I cannot wait when I put more modifications to it and take it to more track events to see what it can do.

Also I have the Quaife LSD in my garage and I’m planning to install it soon, be on the lookout and I will put my review of the installation and how it feels soon.


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Been a while since I've done one of these, lot has changed from my car since the last time a posted something so will definetly need to make an update lol. Here is a video of my fastest lap from Roebling Road this past weekend.

This was my fastest lap from this past weekend at Roebling with PCA Citrus (1:22.521). Had opportunities to get into the 21s but kept catching into traffic. Car felt great but can definitely get stiffer spring rates both the front and rear. Definitely want to go with either Fortune Auto or BCs in the future.

Coolant temps improved once going to water wetter (230-235 at Sebring) (210-218 at Reobling) though my oil temps were no better than at Sebring (260/265). Already planning on selling my Mishimoto oil cooler for a different one.
Still the car ran really good and can’t wait to go back, car definitely has a sub 1:20 though driver not so much as it stands haha.

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