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Hello everyone, My vin number should be given to me in about a week. Hopefully that means it will arrive shortly.

A little background, Im from portland Oregon and this is my first time joining a car forum and I'm stoked to see what I learn on here and to talk to some fellow owners and enthusiests for the 16+ RS. Any advice on how to get the most out of this would be greatly appreciated.

Car History:
1990 240x was where the love for cars started
2012 STi
2004 STi
2013 ST where the love for the Ford Hatch was started (Sadly the car was totaled by a guy driving a giant Chevy Pickup coming out of an adult video store)

Been driving a mazda 3 hatch while desperately waiting for the RS.

I ordered my RS in March of 2016.
Funny story, I called tons of dealerships once I realized I would have the money to get one. After hearing nothing but long waiting list after waiting list I gave up. Or I thought I had, I called a smaller dealership in Ghetto Gresham Oregon and after the salesman literally laughed at me he said, "Wait a minute," and put me on hold. Minutes later he came back apologized for laughing at me and told me a guy had called just hours earlier and cancelled his order. He said if you give me a card number a put 1000 down its yours. I pulled out my almost maxed credit card, gave him the numbers and next day went and picked out all my options.

Did anyone else not get the premium wheels?
Im not because I know I want to Put Work Wheels on it as they have been my favorite company for awhile now.

Also I didn't get the RS 2 package as Bride seats have always been a dream of mine.

If life works out I'm planning to dedicate the next 5-10 years making this car worthy of magazines. with a max budget of 20-30k for upgrades and interior exterior modifications.
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