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If you had to upgrade the RS today, what would you get?

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If you were going to upgrade, not Ferrari level upgrade but just a little more (like 50-60k range I guess) what would you get? Hypothetically anyway.

Im a huge M car fan, so I’d probably look somewhere there to start. I’d really like another car that can daily and do the occasional track day. Toy with the idea of a mustang GT PP/Camaro 1LE too
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I've got a Polestar......AKA...... the wife🤣
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A new manual Supra. Aiming to do it.
My wife and I are in the market for 3 new cars, hers, the DD and maybe a replacement for the RS. So far we have hers decided and ordered, a KIA Stonic GT, the DD will almost certainly be an CX5 GT SP with the 2.5 turbo engine. There may be a 6000klm old RS LE on the market soon that has the factory fitted C gasket and literally never seen a wet road. Do the wipers work? Don't know I've never used them.

Out of curiosity, what sort of price would you be asking for it? Will give me a rough idea what mines worth.....
Well I'm no expert in second hand prices but looking at what's out there condition and mileage wise which aren't LE's and the dealer fitted gasket question mark on most I'd be asking 60-65K for mine. So what it owes me. Oh, and it's never been back to the dealer since I bought it so that's another "value add" lol.

Sounds fair
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