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Hello! I'm new here and I registered just to share an idea I've got for a custom-made ball compass shift knob for an RS in my near future.

Turns out it wasn't as original of an idea as I had once thought. After some searching, I found a thread on a Tacoma forum ( which details pretty much the exact thing I'm trying to make.

Essentially a liquid filled ball compass would act as the ball of a shift knob, rotating with the vehicle and always pointing North when the machine settles. A custom base would be made for the compass to sit in, then I'd use a binding agent to stick the two pieces together. After weeks of searching I've accepted that I'd probably have to suck it up and build something like this on my own.

I've tried gathering information through the original idea thread to no avail (its about 5 yrs old now) and thought I would open a new one here to gather ideas considering it'd be for an RS and not a Tacoma anyway.

Think I've got a hold on how to make the base by calling in a few favors at my local metal working shop, but the problem I'm running into is finding the right ball compass. The one in the original thread looks adequate so I have a few questions:

- What is a good brand of compass that fits what I'm trying to do?
- How would I separate the ball from the housing? I can only find ball compass in a housing ready for mounting. Can I somehow get a standalone product without housing?
- Any further suggestions on creating the base? Machinery needed? (Lathe, etc.)
- What binding agent should I use to seal compass to base?
- Has anyone else ever done this? If so, did it turn out well? Did it hold up over time?

Any information you can provide is appreciated. I'm sure I'll get this built eventually, but your help could quicken the process!

Thread pitch is M12x1.25 as far as I know for the 2016/17 US MK3's knob. Correct me if I'm wrong.

If you need to know anything else, let me know.

Thanks! :driving:
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