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I recently finished up installing some add-ons / accessories to my car and wanted to share some of the tricks and methods I used to accomplish it. In this post ill go over my laser jammers, why I chose them, planning it out and installing them.

* I ran into the image limit pretty quick on this post. Here is the album of all the pictures I took. *

- Intro: The System I Chose and Why -

I decided to go AntiLaser Priority or ALP for short. They are hands down the best, I wont go into detail but there is only one other competitor in this market, Stinger, but they cost more and are not as good IMO. I did 5 sensor system, 3 in the front and 2 in the rear for "complete protection". Sensors are expensive and how many you do really depends on a lot of factors like the size of your car. I've herd statistics like "Supposedly" 90% of Laser readings are done from the front however I have also herd of some places that exclusively shoots in the rear.

This may persuade you to protect the rear... or not! Also, there are very many different types of laser guns with varying performance. I live in Michigan and the only known laser guns in use are very jammable. However some states use very advanced guns, some with VPR (variable pulse rate), witch require 3 sensors to have any chance at jamming. I road trip from time to time so I did the complete package.

When your done installing the jammers you will have to test them. There is no way to know 100% that your install will jam laser until you test your car against the actual laser guns your trying to jam. Going to a testing meetup where people come from all over with all different types of laser guns is a great way to get tested or you can purchase a laser gun yourself. Or both! If you go to a meet up you get the benefit of being tested from multiple laser guns further reassuring you your system works (or doesn't). You don't want to find out by getting a speeding ticket!

I find the results from previous testing meetups very telling. How good different models of cars do, how different sensor configurations preform, how unforgiving anything but a perfect install is (sensors must be aligned PERFECTLY or you will get punch throughs (speed readings)). Here is an example of testing results:

- Legality of Laser Jammers -

At the time of writing this jamming laser is not allowed in:
- California
- Colorado
- Utah
- Oklahoma
- Texas
- Minnesota
- Illinois
- Tennessee
- South Carolina
- Virgina

Here is a youtube video of Vortex talking about it:

Before making any decisions you should read the following posts:
Everything You Need to Know to Set Up and Use your AntiLaser Priority Laser Jammer System » Vortex Radar

- Sensor Placement -

Ill start with sensor placement. After reading lots of test results and consulting with community at I concluded with the following placement.

I had herd from other Focus installs that the headlights are hard to protect because of how they curve around the side so I went with 3 sensors up front. This was my best shot for the best coverage and to jam laser every single time, not just some of the time or just for some laser guns. Yes it requires 3 sensors up front, Yes it requires cutting 3 holes in the bumper for the sensors but as they say over at "Stealth the ride, not the install". So you may need to be willing to sacrifice aesthetics to jam all laser every time.

- Front Sensors -

* Before starting work you need to mark the sensor wires with the location of their placement. If you have sensors up front and in the rear they need to be plugged into the appropriate control module ports and If you have 3 up front the middle sensor must be plugged into F2 *

I removed the front bumper completely, spent a good while planning out where I was going to cut. My first shot wasn't too bad. You may be able to tell in some of the first pictures I cut the holes a little "off". I had to go back with a file and adjust the holes so I could align the sensors perfectly. Then I bent up the included mounting brackets to mount to the top of the lip there, Used some 3M outdoor double sided sticky tape to attach them and then some Sugru to finalise the attachment of the bracket. I'm pretty pleased with it, with how awkward the bumper is I would recommend this method.

Then I duck tape the wires to the front of the bumper going all the way down to the passenger side, up and through the engine bay making sure to use a good path not touching anything that will get hot and through the firewall grommet on the passenger side. This should put your three wires behind the glove box with plenty of slack.

With the front bumper completely setup I went back and used some black RTV silicon to seal up around the front sensors. Made it look 10x better, solidifies the mounting and keeps water out.

- Rear Sensors -

First thing first, take the hatch apart. In the pictures there is the black plastic piece that has the hatch release, backup camera and plate LEDs. This is literally the only piece to the hatch. The other piece is a single piece of metal. And because we can't drill in the metal we have to pull our wires through this black plastic piece. Pulling it out was not easy. There is a metal clip on the middle of each of the 4 sides. From the inside of the hatch I was only able to touch one of the them. Luckily two other popped with a little force and the last one broke. Fixed it with some super glue but probably should have used epoxy.

With that guy out I made bet. With the lack of things in it I decided to drill a hole 1/16 smaller then the wire in each corner opposite to the LED. And I bet right, it was hollow and I was able to go all the way though without harming anything. Cut the alp wires, stuck them through, soldered them back together and silicon-ed behind them.

Alright, hard part out of the way. I follow the existing wire harness through, using electrical tape to attach the two wires.

Putting a single wire through each of the two rubber conduits going from the hatch to the car.

Through the interior I pull off all a lot plastic pieces. There are three screws circled in yellow.

The screw with the little cover up high on the pillar has to be popped out from the back side. You can get to it by removing the weather stripping.

I found another wire bundle running behind and under the interior and used some electrical tape to attach the wires to it again. Going all the way to the front

After that is all done we should have two more wires behind the glove compartment

- Installing Control Panel, HiFi Speaker, LED and Central Unit -

This is where I ended up putting my control panel. Some people like to hide theirs, others like to keep them in an easy to reach spot. Remember when your hit with laser you want to be able to slow down and hit one of the two buttons on this panel within 3 seconds, quicker if possible, to minimize any suspicion.

Here is an MSPaint illustration of how I got the dash apart. First the bit in red pops off. Then the guy in purple comes down, he does have 2 clips on the back side that I had to stick a plastic pry to in to un-clip (See the arrows in purple). Lastly this should all expose three screws circled in yellow allowing you to pull this part off.

I pulled the little cubby with the USB port off, two screws holding it from behind at the top. Cut a small incision for the cable of the control panel, pretty unnoticeable and reversible and then stuck the control panel on with some 3M outdoor sticky tape.

Behind the dash I mount the HiFi speaker to a plastic support out of the way and run the control panel wire over to the right to behind the glove box. (There are pictures describing some of this in my photo album below)

Lastly we have the LED to install. It gets pretty bright so we want to put it somewhere that you can see it while driving but not people outside. I already had a display on my dash for my radar detector, so I just added it to that.

This is the wire run I used over to the passenger side. Pulling up weather stripping on the driver door, finding a spot to cut across under the driver dash where it would not interfere with the petals, through the middle dash, I found a small cavity I was able to fish my wires through to the other side.

* I did have to extend the LED wire to make this path reach. I cut mine and soldered a 4 conductor wire in between adding 3ft of length. *

Now that we have all of the wires now run behind the glove compartment we can plug everything in. There is a open spot to the right of the fuses where I stored everything. I wound up all the sensor wiring into a bundle that allowed me to plug them in while in the correct order, plugged in the control panel, power cable and LED. For power I have an add a fuse running from fuse87 (picture in album) and the ground going to a chassis bolt.

With everything plugged in, stored and the ALP's powering on when we start the car we can begin the software setup process. This forum post outlines the process very well:

- Final Results and Conclusion -

(Pardon my dirty rainy pictures)

I'm pretty pleased with the final installation. At first glance the 5 sensors are not too noticeable and they preform very well. Like I said above a bit of testing has to be done to ensure they work properly. I purchased a ProLite by Kustom Signals used on eBay, had someone drive my car up and down a secluded stretch of road, tried to shoot my car with laser, front / rear, left / center / right and didn't get a single reading. So far so go! This gives me a fair bit of confidence because Kustom Signals and Laser Technology Inc laser devices are the only ones in use around me (Michigan) and are very jammable. I wont know how my car stands up to some of the more difficult ones till I get it tested further.

Here is a video going over everything above, showing how it works and how to properly operate it:

Album of all the photos I took:

Where to buy the ALP's:

Some of the products I used:
Black Sugru:
3M outdoor mounting tape:
Plastic interior pry tools:

- Update 9/6/18 -

Still running the ALP's, the setup works perfectly. Get hit with laser maybe a few times a month depending on how much highway driving I do. Enjoy this encounter:


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This is actually pretty awesome. I might end up doing something like this (no cutting though, I hate to cut stuff unless I have a spare) simply because it's been 7 years since i've been at my second set of 11 points. So i'm due anytime soon. How much for a basic system?

OH I forgot to mention, the detailed photos and walk through for this is above and beyond. Thank you very much for so much detail.

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This is actually pretty awesome. I might end up doing something like this (no cutting though, I hate to cut stuff unless I have a spare) simply because it's been 7 years since i've been at my second set of 11 points. So i'm due anytime soon. How much for a basic system?

OH I forgot to mention, the detailed photos and walk through for this is above and beyond. Thank you very much for so much detail.
You're very welcome!

A basic system depends on where you live, what lidar devices are used my Law Enforcement and how protected you want to be. All the research I've done into testing meetups results really convinced me that 2 sensors up front doesn't cut it for all lidar guns.

I wouldn't recommend an investment into a system like this unless you're willing not to compromise on it, only because its expensive and time consuming. Also, getting a speeding ticket because of a lack of heads on the front, lack of protection on the rear, not getting the right placement for the best coverage on the front of the car or not getting the alignment perfect makes the whole things a lot less worth it.

The website for the AntiLaser Priority is here: AL Priority - The Best Multipurpose Parking System Available If I had permission to edit my posts I would have added it :happy:

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That's a good write up. One of the things I like about this forum is i'm finding DYI's a lot more than other forums I've been on. I'm getting the system installed on my car next week. I've never heard of this one ut it looks pretty good. I'm getting the Max CI 360 from Escort. I previously had a 9500 CI in my previous two cars and it was awesome.

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Thanks for the detailed write up Rob!!! Very thorough, thanks it looks like you put a lot of work into it.

I also have the ALP system as you do, and have had it for about 3-4 months now. I've been gunned by laser a little less than a dozen times now with it, and I've gotten.....ZERO tickets since installation. The laser jammer was the best mod for my RS (since its my daily) that I have ever done, for sure.

I will say though I have some differences in installation which I'll list here for discussion...

-firstly, I had a reputable installer install my ALP as I don't have the patience for what you did. Props. By the looks of it I'm glad I got someone else to do it because it looks like a PITA from your write up lol
-I did NOT cut my bumper to install the sensors. I frankly think this is excessive. What you did seems sleeper, but in my opinion irreversibly cuts up your bumper and marries the jammer to the car, forever. That is not what I wanted. I wanted an install that was effective, yet could be taken out rather easily and reversibly, in the scenario I bought another car, which I tend to do often. The jammer is expensive enough that its worth it to me to not keep buying new ones each time I get a new car.
-Where I installed my three sensors in the front (and I agree, I think three sensors is recommended in the front) was right underneath the black plastic bumper, at the same three vertical points you did. You would surprised how sleeper it looks. You cannot tell if you don't own a RS that there are laser jammers there because the bumpers are black and the sensors disappear into the grill below the black plastic bumper. The sensors looks like little extensions of the bumper, and aren't obvious, especially not obvious at speed to cops who might suspect anything.
-I didn't mount any rear sensors. I took the risk that I'll rarely ever, get hit by overpass laser, or photo LIDAR. Both are VERY infrequent in my area, but supposedly have been documented as existing, but I've never seen it. I also have a very effective photo radar plate cover (highly illegal lol) so I just need to worry about the improbable rape from behind from an overpass but I'm pretty cognizant of all overpasses I doubt thats a kink in my armour. As well, my installer said that to do rear sensor I would need to cut into my metal hatch which I didn't want to do, I commend you on finding a alternative solution to that, as putting holes through the plastic black piece and then soldering it is a FANTASTIC idea.
-I mounted my control module through the shifter boot, I think this is easier to install. It doesn't sit flat like yours does, but it isn't that big of a deal as I put a finger behind the module to push the buttons. I rarely EVER need to push any buttons on the control module as I have my ALP programmed to automatically turn off after being hit by laser, and it resets after 60 seconds. Check the ALP forum if you need advice on how to set it up that way, but I don't think I've touched my control module since I installed the firmware.

All in all though impressive install Rob. I just wanted to add a few points on there for others to know there are some options for the install

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Nicely done, Have used ALP for awhile now. Was using the jammers/STIr head and bluetooth system on one of my Miatas. I choose just to run a detector on the RS though, will be selling my ALP system soon as I no longer have another vehicle worth putting it on. What made you cut the bumper? With how often radar/laser systems change I wouldn't risk being stuck with an obsolete system....

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Nicely done, Have used ALP for awhile now. Was using the jammers/STIr head and bluetooth system on one of my Miatas. I choose just to run a detector on the RS though, will be selling my ALP system soon as I no longer have another vehicle worth putting it on. What made you cut the bumper? With how often radar/laser systems change I wouldn't risk being stuck with an obsolete system....
I decided on that location to get perfect coverage of the alp sensors. Had I put hem elsewhere on the bumper it may sacrifice sensor performance, get punch throughs from lider guns and get speeding tickets.

With how the lidar market is evolving, how good alp's equipment and how alp stays on top of updates I expect to get 5-10 years of the equipment, depending.

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I haven't been on here in awhile. I now have a M2 and have the ALP system installed along with the radenso RC M. They don't use lasers a lot in my city, it's mostly Ka band, the but ALP worked well when I was hit with a laser a few times. It's also worked on my trips to Florida.

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I realize that I am a little late to the party here, but I just purchased a 2016 RS and have been looking through some starting modifications. I have already hardwired my radar detector and am in the process of hardwiring a dashcam setup. I would like to also eventually install this laser jammer setup (awesome write-up, by the way!!!). My only concern is the placement of the front sensors. I live in a New England state where the front license plate is required by law (sigh...). If I use the standard mounting bracket that comes with the car, I wouldn't be able to easily mount the middle sensor. What do you all recommend for a setup?

I have looked at moving the mounting point of the license plate to a different location and have found two potential options:
1. License Plate Bracket STO N SHO Focus RS 2016-2018
2. License Plate Relocation Kit - 2016+ Ford Focus RS
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