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We’ve all heard the horror story of “that guy” who was trying to remove defects with a machine and burned right through his paint. With Meguiar’s MT300 DA Polisher, there is no need to worry about damaging your paint, no matter what your skill level. You may be asking yourself, “how did they do it?”

Strength and Motion.


The dual action motion of the MT300 DA Polisher provides for strength and safety. While Orbital Buffers will safely apply a polish or wax as they aren’t aggressive enough to cause harm to the paint, it also means they are not aggressive enough to remove below surface defects such as swirls and minor scratches. This is because they just oscillate, they move at a slower rate of speed and stop rotating when too much pressure is applied. Rotary Polishers are the opposite extreme and are very aggressive, making it easy to harm the paint if you don’t have experience with them. They are intended for more severe defect removal and spin in a circle, creating a lot of friction. The MT300 takes both motions and puts them into one unit where it spins like a Rotary and oscillates like an Orbital creating a dual action movement that allows for light to moderate defect removal that won’t damage your paint (i.e. create swirls, burn your paint, etc.).

The strength of the unit allows for ample power without sacrificing from the experience itself. It boasts 500 Watts of power, a large 8 MM throw, and a broad range of 3,000 – 7,000 OPM (orbits per minute), allowing for faster compounding, and superior polishing and waxing, while still being gentle on your paint. The MT300 also comes equipped with what Meguiar’s calls DTM (digital torque management). This unique feature electronically senses torque and speed, automatically adjusting if needed to provide for consistent power and cut, while also preventing the machine from bogging down under load.

Comfort and Convenience.


Not only is the MT300 a powerful and safe polisher, but it’s also lightweight (5.4 pounds) and easy to handle, ergonomically designed with the user experience in mind. The Thumb Adjustable Speed Dial is conveniently placed on the top of the handle making it easy to adjust the speed while you are working with the machine. The Multi-Position D Handle helps to provide maximum comfort and control. The Billet Counter Weight with Triple Bearing Design ensures smooth precision and balance that allows for both increased durability and less vibration. The MT300 was designed with easy side-port access for quick brush changes, which is similar to most professional Rotary Polishers. Finally, this machine comes with a Soft-Start feature where the machine slowly engages after it’s turned on. This provides for better control, helps to minimize slinging product, and to preserve the unit from wear and tear over time.

Foam Discs and Function.


The MT300 DA Polisher was designed specifically with the 5” backing plate and discs in mind to maximize cleaning and polishing capability, minimize vibration and provide for longevity of the unit and the discs themselves. To connect the MT300 to the discs, you will want to go with Meguiar’s 5” DA Backing Plate. This has a 5/16” threaded shaft that goes into the unit on one end with a durable detachable hook and loop system on the other end to firmly hold your discs in place.


Compounding: To remove below surface defects in the paint, you will want to go with Meguiar’s 5” DA Foam Cutting Disc (DFC5) which is red in color. This pad will attach to the 5” DA Backing Plate and is used to apply paint cleaners and compounds. For removal of light to moderate defects (like swirls, staining, oxidation, etc.) one of our “go to” products is Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound. For this step, you want to put a small amount of Ultimate Compound onto your Red Foam Cutting Disc. Set your MT300 speed to 5,800 OPM’s. Work in a 2’x2’ section and apply 3-4 overlapping passes using moderate pressure, moving the pad slowly across the paint. Wipe off with a clean Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Micro Fiber Towel. Re-apply as needed to remove more stubborn defects. Be sure to work in sections to cover the vehicle.

Polishing: To enhance the depth of shine and reflectivity of your paint with the MT300, you will want to go with Meguiar’s 5” DA Foam Polishing Disc (DFP5) which is yellow in color. This will attach to the 5” DA Backing Plate and is used to apply pure polishes and glazes. One of the newest and best polishes is Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish. For this step you want to put a small amount of Ultimate Polish onto your Yellow Foam Polishing Disc. Set your MT300 speed to 4,800 OPM’s. Work in a 2’x2’ section and apply 2-3 overlapping passes using moderate pressure. Wipe off with a clean Supreme Shine Micro Fiber Towel and continue to work in manageable sections.

Waxing: For protecting the paint on your car, you will want to go with the Meguiar’s 5” DA Foam Finishing Disc (DFF5) which is black in color. This will attach to the 5” DA Backing Plate and is used to apply waxes and sealants. Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax is one of our longest lasting waxes that also provides an amazingly high gloss. For this step put a small amount of Ultimate Liquid Wax onto your Black Foam Finishing Disc. Set your MT300 speed to 3,800 OPM’s. Apply a very thin and even coat to the entire vehicle using light pressure. Wipe off with a clean Supreme Shine Micro Fiber Towel.

Rest assured, the Meguiar’s MT300 was designed by professionals, for professionals and consumers alike and is more than up for the task of removing light to moderate defects like swirls, polishing to enhance shine and applying wax for paint protection. It does so safely and smoothly with a sleek and ergonomic design, equipping users of all skill levels with what’s needed to obtain a deep brilliant paint finish. The Meguiar’s MT300 delivers a balance of form and function providing versatility in use with a smoothness in operation, that works safely and effectively, so you don’t end up being “that guy”.

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Very nice read. You could go to and purchase a packaged paint correction set that basically includes everything you'll need to perform the various services above. Just a could of points to add, always make sure you working on a clean surface (i.e. Cleaned and Decontaminated) and my personal recommendation would be to skip a wax and apply a sealant. Which will provide a greater level of protection over wax. If you can't let go of the wax then apply a sealant and then apply a wax 12-24 hours after.
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