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What organization runs your local rallycrosses? What is their classing structure? This is step 1

Gutting your car, etc can quickly put you in a class where you have no chance of being competitive. IIRC there have been FoRS's that have been successful in SCCA's "stock" class. Check the results here

Stock AWD was won by an RC350 last year :p
I run with CalClubRallyX around Los Angeles. They do stock, modified, and prepared. My current car is prepared so I would like to stick with that but I think it's just not in the cards. I'm sure the car would be an absolute blast but I think something with a bigger aftermarket is going to work out better. I forget the team but they have 2wd IS350's for rent on stage rally events. I read some of the guys build, sounds like it's got a good chassis for that so maybe I'll look into something like that.
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