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Hi All.

I have been eyeing a focus RS ever since they came out, and it looks like 2018 is the year to get. However, pricing in the Canadian market has been ridiculous, ranging at $58K-$62K CDN + tax.
It looks like there are quite a few 18's still on lots in Ontario/across Canada, and several have dropped to the $49K range over the past little while. I am looking to purchase new for peace of mind, warranty, and the 18's look like they have had the major issues addressed (HG).

With that being said, at the $60k mark, this car was simply out of reach, and a purchase I cannot justify. I am thinking if I can land one in the $46K-$47K, I'll pull the trigger; limited edition with the winter tires, car cover, front LSD, and all bells and whistles....

I am open to any feedback, and input, what did you walk out the door at? What were the 16's & 17's priced at in Canada? I feel like the 18's didn't sell to well here because they didn't offer much over the 16's & 17's. As these years were essentially fully loaded in Canada, yet from what I hear +$10K price increase...

Also, I am open to dealer recommendations, preliminarily in the southern Ontario/GTA region. But willing to travel for the right deal.
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