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Hi everyone

My names Boston and I reside from Charlotte, NC but grew up in the mountains of NC near Boone/Jefferson. Thought to join the forum today, planning on buying the RS when it goes on sale next year. Very very excited for it! Will be my first new car purchase.
I've had many many cars over the years, ranging from a gmc syclone to turbo/SC hondas to mazdas, DSMs and Subarus. Only ford product I have ever owned was a 98 ford contour svt. One of my most favorite daily drivers hands down.

I'm pretty familiar with turbos and awd.. here is my current project/weekend racecar a 02 subaru bugeye with complete 05 STi swap/07 STi trans. Here's a link to a recent article a good friend did of my subaru if you're looking for a good read. | FEELING KINDA BUGGY

Looking forward towards ownership of the RS and using this forum as a valuable resource!


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