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Today I attempted to install a short shift arm that fits the ST, on the RS. In addition, I was test fitting some solid transmission cable bracket bushings and removed said bracket to find out that they weren't quite the right size. The shift arm fit fine however. When I reinstalled the bracket, cables, and new shift arm, I noticed that the position of 1st and 2nd gear had slightly changed relative to neutral. 3rd and 4th are still the same (straight up and down from neutral), 5th and 6th seem the same (full right against the stop, then straight up and down), but 1st and especially 2nd have shifted to the right slightly. I can push full left against the stop, but 1st is not exactly straight up and second not straight down. They are vertical but less than full travel to the left, if that makes any sense. I push the lever most of the way left (but not all the way like normal) and have to hunt a little for 1st/2nd.

I tried messing around with the shift plate and tried to see if there was anything obviously physically wrong with the parts around the area. Didn't see anything. So I reinstalled the factory shift arm but the position of 1st and 2nd relative to the shifter remains slightly cocked.

I've installed short shift plates and messed with the bracket before on the ST so I'm not unfamiliar with the layout of the components. The only thing and that's coming to mind is that there is something I did to mis-align the gearshift cables, or possibly the bracket that holds them. I'll probably end up trying moving the bracket when I have the time, but for now if anyone has any ideas they want to share... I'm sure there is some kind of adjustment with the cables that I can do.

One last thing: it seems as though the shifter, when in neutral, rests slightly to the right instead of dead center. Now I'm not positive on the stock neutral position, but as it sits right now its definitely at rest slightly to the right.

I've looked through the service manual but it links to another document about the transmission that I don't have.
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