UPDATE- I just added some evap lines and the factory pcv plate with valve as well as an obd link ex and some rear brake shields.

I recently sold my RS and got a C6 GS and have some parts for sale.
Whoever buys the intercooler and or the AP I’ll throw in a free oil filter I have 1 motorcraft left for the ap sale

obd link ex used - 40$

evap line (2 available) used - 50$ each

Rear brake shields new - $30

pcv plate used - 35$

ETS FMIC silver with logo only used for about 2000 miles - sold

COBB AP (unmarried) with all accessories except the sticky pad - $600

grimmspeed lightweight battery bracket (all hardware included) - $90

odyssey pc680 battery with the $30 terminals that don’t come with the battery (only used for Less than 1000 miles) -$130

Mountune intake tubing - sold
Mountune air filter - sold

Tune plus inc spark plugs (pre gapped brand new) - sold

Cobb shift knob black with red accent with box - $60

upr crank breather oil cap - sold

Almost brand new RS key fob - sold

motorcraft oem map sensor used - $50

oem RMM - $40

Oem bov kit (just what I took off to put turbosmart on) - $30

underhood panel with clips- $60

oem front bumper stealth gray has some minor damage on the underside - $300

6qts motorcraft 5w50 - sold

shipping not included