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If you want to upgrade your sound set up in the ST or The RS this set up is compete and plug and play. This set up was custom built by a professional audio shop for a 17 RS
will come with pics of which wires to splice in for an easy plug and play.
This has a Built In Base level control knob built in to the lower portion of the steering column plastic so you can turn up the base or turn it down. The sound was great.
This particular set up if you install the base plate that holds the modules requires you to eliminate the foam pieces in the trunk lowering the whole thing down few inches giving you more space in the trunk. The Cloth trunk piece is set on wood pieces which are Welcrowed to the body of the car. No vibration/rattling noises.

All that is missing and i didnt pull from the car was

***JL Audio Remote Bass Knob Gain Replacement 6 Pin Cable & Other Amplifiers**
10 to 15 dollars for this wire...

Consists of custom plate that houses the units
Custom braket to hold the speaker down
Amp wiring plugs
Base level controller nicely tucked away under the center console comes with the console
JL speaker and the custom facing down box
JL Audio XD600/1v2
JL Audio 10TW3-D4 Shadow mount
LC2i audi control
The whole set up 800$
Sacramento ca 95691

IMG_9472.JPG IMG_9473.JPG IMG_5260.jpg IMG_5262.JPG IMG_5278.JPG IMG_5278.JPG IMG_5285.jpg IMG_5264.jpg IMG_5405.jpg IMG_5406.jpg IMG_5286.jpg IMG_5283.jpg IMG_5409.jpg IMG_5523.JPG IMG_5524.JPG IMG_5528.jpg
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