For sale is a 2017 Focus RS with the RS 2 package. I am the original owner of the vehicle and purchased it 5 years ago this week. Clean title in hand. I also have both keys. Car is not daily driven so mileage should not change much and currently sits at 44,287 miles.

The car was bone stock until November 2021 and then I had all the mods listed (photo of the list in the pictures) professionally installed. Car has been professionally maintained along the way.

Oil, coolant, and transmission fluid were all just changed this weekend. The RDU and PTU fluids were done in March. The clutch is brand new and the coilovers have less than 1,000 miles on them.

The car had a full engine replacement at 25,000 miles due to the installation of a wrongly sized oil filter that caused the oil to leak out over time and the engine to seize. Mechanic's insurance covered the cost and a brand new, factory sealed engine was installed. The current motor has just about 20,000 miles on it.
Here’s what needs work: The car needs a new hood and front bumper. However, I HAVE IN HAND, and will include in the sale, direct from Ford, brand new unpainted hood and front bumper. I also have brand new fog lights to replace both broken ones that I will include in the sale (I also have That Fog Light Guy smoke armor pieces that were never installed). I also have a Focus SE rear wing I pulled from the junkyard in preparation for a wang to go on. The passenger tail light has a small crack in the end piece but it still functions. The rear diffuser has a crack in it but is not noticeable from a distance.

The car is a blast to drive and is ready to go. Buyer has first right of refusal to all parts, fluids, tires, and wheels I have before I sell them individually.