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FoRS Dealer cost

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Who knows, or when will, anyone know how much Ford will be charging dealerships for the 2016 Focus RS? I'm assuming we may end up finding this out on 10/12/15? Anyways, Post here if you have any info. Thanks!
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I've had access to this information in the past and hope to get my hands on it again. Will post it if I get it.
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Dealer price with holdbacks to Invoice on base ST is around 1,500 2,400 difference between dealer price and MSRP.

Price of moonroof hasn't changed

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I have access to A plan (being highest of ones I have access to) but I doubt we will have a chance to use plan pricing actually. :( None being offered as of now is what I have been told. someone correct me if they have different info.
There is no plan pricing on the RS and even if there was they would not have to honor it
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