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FoRS Dealer cost

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Who knows, or when will, anyone know how much Ford will be charging dealerships for the 2016 Focus RS? I'm assuming we may end up finding this out on 10/12/15? Anyways, Post here if you have any info. Thanks!
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I know I'm going to get a lot of complaints about this post. I highly doubt that any dealer will show you their cost on the RS unless you know someone very high up in the dealership. But I have seen crazier things on this forum so why not ask. The dealership has the right to make money on you just like every other product you buy in life is marked up from cost. The ADM is wrong and I don't think anyone should pay that but you should pay MSRP. A car is no different from the food you buy in the store. They all have markup cause companies have to make a profit to pay their employees.
You're not wrong everyone has to make money, but in some cases the markup can be a little steep...
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