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Curb Weights - seems high but I don't race so don't care that much. I have the RS2 package coming so I imagine it will be on the high end.


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I'll keep updating as I find new bits and pieces (I really wish there was a view all page)

Recommended gear shifts for optimal fuel economy:


1-2 | 15mph
2-3 | 25mph
3-4 | 40mph
4-5 | 45mph
5-6 | 50mph
Regarding replacement tires and the AWD system:

Your vehicle does not have a spare tire. We do not recommend using a mismatched tire or spare wheel. However, in an emergency, the system can tolerate a mismatched tire or spare wheel of a different size to the original for a short journey. The system may automatically enter front-wheel drive only mode to protect driveline components. An all-wheel drive off warning message may appear in the information display if you install a mismatched tire or spare wheel.
Driving through water warning:

Your vehicle has aerodynamic devices attached to the underbody designed to help control airflow for superior performance. Therefore, you must be especially careful to avoid driving through deep or standing water.
Wheel spin warning:

Do not spin the wheels at over 56 km/h. The tires may fail and injure a passenger or bystander.
Engine overspeed:

The system allows a maximum of three seconds of engine overspeed. After this, the engine speed limiter reduces engine speed and holds it at a predetermined limit. Once the engine speed drops below the predetermined limit, the system resets and permits a further three seconds of engine overspeed.
Official Tire spec:

Original equipment size. 235/35R19
Alternative winter use size. 225/40R18*
Speed rating. Y
Load rating. 91

Tire Pressure
Normal Load - 2.8 bar Front / 2.6 bar Rear (40.6psi / 37.7psi)
Full Load - 3.2 bar Front / 3.2 bar Rear (46psi / 46psi)

*Required tire size for snow chains use to avoid tire, wheel or vehicle damage.
Engine spec:

Transmission Ratios:

Brake Spec:

Suspension Spec:



Curb weight: 3,274lbs - 3,463lbs
Max front axle load: 2,359lbs
Max rear axle load: 2,292lbs
Gross vehicle weight: 4,292lbs


Maximum length: 14.4ft
Wheelbase: 8.7ft
Front track: 5.1ft
Rear track: 5ft
Maximum height: 4.9ft
Maximum width with mirrors folded: 6.1ft
Maximum width with mirrors unfolded: 6.6ft
Front ground clearance: 4.1in
Center ground clearance: 5.9in
Rear ground clearance: 5.8in

Side note about engine oil, it takes .85L to go from the minimum line on the dipstick to maximum.

Misc specs:


Max speed: 166mph

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Would be great to figure out what the magic oil is and just change it regularly if possible. I know my VW Haldex says 50k miles for change. I did it at 21k, and am doing it again at 36k. Can't hurt to overservice a part like this IMHO. But, if it's a sealed or non-servicable unit, that could kinda suck.
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