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Focus RS Cobb maps to run

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hello everyone, I have my cobb accessport and ready to plug in. I just would like to be informed of what mapps this community could off me to so I can flash it to the whip. also have a exhaust and BOW getting installed. Will I need to run another map? Much appreciate looking forward to hear from you family!
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I wasn't asking if anyone would "give" me a tune, I just want peoples advice on what to look for with the mods I have. I am somewhat new into tuning and just want peoples honest opinion of what maps I can run without any issues. My apologies if I offended anyone thinking I was asking for their maps straight up, I just wanted advice on what maps I need to buy and flash to my whip. Much love everyone!
For custom tunes, should I contact cobb or go to a tuner shop?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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