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Focus RS Cobb maps to run

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hello everyone, I have my cobb accessport and ready to plug in. I just would like to be informed of what mapps this community could off me to so I can flash it to the whip. also have a exhaust and BOW getting installed. Will I need to run another map? Much appreciate looking forward to hear from you family!
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You didn't ready any of the information that came with your Cobb AP did you? I suggest you read Cobb's website and do a firmware update on the AP per their instructions. They have some Off The Shelf (OTS) tunes for various stages of upgrades.

Also, its usually is considered bad taste to come onto a forum and start asking for people's custom tunes. In fact, many of the Custom Tunes from vendors for a specific VIN. For those that are not, most tuners would frown upon a customer giving the custom tune to someone else with 'similar' mods as its lost business and depending on the safety threshold might result in engine damage at the extreme end.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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