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Florida owners

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Daytona resident here.
Just getting my legs with this car. I try to avoid 1/4 past Lake Mary/Longwood but would be up to hang on a weekend day work permitting...

I did the Dream cruise last weekend on Beach street in Daytona and was surprised at the interest people had in this car. I was probably the only Focus there and definitely the only RS. I tried AutoX a few weeks back and was told by a guy there that he's only ever seen "two RS's in the wild" (mine, and a SG at this days event). I don't see these very often out there but there happens to be another local NB that works at my wifes job. I've seen it three times on the road in the last two months...
That was more than likely @SurfCfl
If you can, what was his first name? If not, tell him Santa in the Blue RS says hi. He'll remember my face.
That was more than likely @SurfCfl
Just looked at his track pics thread. Not the same guy unless he removes his intercooler routinely, throws on the multispoke OEM cast wheels, and has an 17' RS1 package.
Theres 4 of us in lk mary alone. Mine black, a white, grey, and a blue.
Y'all do the Hooters meet?
The Hooters meet is at the restaurant on that road behind the Sandford Mall, kinda close to Fields Chrysler. I think it's a once a month thing, generally there are v8 powered vehicles there. I've been driving 4banger hybrids for the last couple of years so It's been a while since I've attended. My old forum buddies still meet up there once in a while. Figured it was close to y'all.
There's another one at Rock N Brews in Oveido I used to go to as well.

Z, that event was in Tavares at a shooting range. Had a great time. The fellow I met was actually clicking off some really good lap times for completely stock vehicle. Fastest of the day were heavily modified cars running 39's, this guy was clocking off a 41.
I'm outa the FB loop. I read the earlier replies but can't link to the group.
1 - 6 of 62 Posts
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