No , these items were not involved in a fire, but they’re nearing the end of their useful life, so I need to get them to someone who can use them, sooner rather than later.

None of these items have been mounted on any vehicle. I don’t recall for sure, but the mounted wheels have probably not been balanced.

The unmounted set pictured in the upper row are Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires. These are not all-season tires although they’ll do okay on an AWD car in a moderate amount of snow. Tire size is 235/35ZR19. They were purchased as an extra set in October 2018. The manufacture year is 2017.

The mounted set on the bottom row are Michelin winter tires and wheels. Their size is 225/40 R18. The manufacture year is 2016. This set came as an option with my new Focus RS in August 2016. They will fit a Ford Focus RS and possibly other Focus models. This set also includes four TPMS sensors.

Sorry the picture is fouled up. There are actually 4 tires in each set.

I’m happy to either sell them all to a single buyer or the summer tires and the winter tires to separate buyers. I cannot split the individual sets out.

Asking $400 for the Pilot Sports and $300 for the winter set. Prices are negotiable within reason. I’m located in York County and can either meet prospective buyers if they are within 200 miles or I will ship the tires to you at your cost.

I’m at (919) 539-1417 if you’d like to contact me for further information.