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Eharmony Results just in....100% compatibility match

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Hey all!

I sure there is a roof wrap thread somewhere, but because of how great the match was I figured I would toss it up for everyone. The color used was Satin Pro Nero by Avery, and to me, it looks spot on, has the gold flake and everything to match the spoiler. The work was done by Endless Motoring in WI, and I could not have been more impressed. Thanks @camonelv for the heads up

Hood Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Electric blue

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Blue Motor vehicle

Wait is that a Focus under there?

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Trunk
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Love the look. I saw another one this weekend and I'm planning to do it too.
Looks good, and also looks like they are just up the road from me. What did they charge for that if you don't mind me asking?
Wow, it looks super naked without the wing. Lol

Edit: the wrap looks great!
Looks great...but I'm biased lol. I did this a few weeks ago as well, by far my favorite cosmetic addition so far! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Rim Automotive tire
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It looks so funny with out the spoiler. But I like the black roof!

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Looks great!! How much did it run you? I may want to do this as well!
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