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I had a new leather arm rest cover with the RS logo and the car's build No. made up.


I haven't done a really any upholstery work to date so I thought this would be a nice small project to tackle.

For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get the old lid off the center console to replace the cover.
I believe it's the same for ST' everything once you see it's not that hard.
I saw a silent you tube video that seemed to show how to pry it off, after removing 2x torx but I was a little apprehensive.
Check out the video if you need to.

First remove the 2x rubber pieces hiding the 2x torx that can be seen when you lift the lid.
Then there are 3x tabs on each side of the lid, pry under to reach a tab push the tab and give it a pull.
I ran along to where I thought each tab was and popped it off.
I was able to free it without breaking any tabs, unlike the video where it appears he broke 2.
My first tab got a little bit gouged.
Underside of pulled off lid:

I was then able to pull off the old leather cover that was glued to the edge of the plastic cover.
Here's the cover bare, you can see the 3x tabs along each side and the rear piece that pops in the rear:

Here's the bottom of the lid on the center consul

After I pulled the OEM cover off:

I then carefully trimmed and used a hot glue gun to re glue the edges of the new custom arm rest around the lid.

I see experience and patience when getting the corners down with minimal material is key.
Not that I possess either....but happy with the outcome
RS_ArmRest_Cover_complete_Installed4.jpg RS_ArmRest_Cover_complete_Installed3.jpg

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Wondering if anyone has been able to separate to armrest cover for the European sliding armrest? I can remove the armrest from the sliding track easy enough, but can’t figure out how to separate the armrest cover.

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@jjameson that looks awesome!! Now your RS is totally unique. Nice Avatar pic as well.
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