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cp-e is known to make some of the best motor mounts for multiple platforms including the Mazdaspeed 3 and Focus ST. With the RS, it will be no different.

Using a combination of Mild Steel (powdercoated), CNC Machined Billet Aluminum, and EPDM rubber bushings, they have assembled a mount that will not only all but eliminate engine movement, but also do so without the extreme vibes commonly experienced in most aftermarket mounts. That isn't to say there won't be increased NVH, it is just considerably more reasonable with cp-e.

The EPDM bushings are quite a bit more capable of handling hot engine bay temps, and because of their density, they manage to reduce movement better, even at lower durometer ratings.

You might be asking yourself why do you need upgraded motor mounts? The answer is that some of you may not need them, or at least not all of them.

The rear motor mount is by far the most important. This mount is what stops the engine from the most amount of back and forth movement under load. The Focus RS have very soft fluid filled bushings and this can cause some extreme movement in the engine. The cp-e stage 2 motor mount not only eliminates this movement, it does so in a very clever way. By moving the bushing from the vertical wishbone portion of the mount to a horizontal location in the part of the mount that connects to the transmission, the bushing is able to eliminate more movement while also not transmitting as much NVH. That is why this is the best rear motor mount on the market for the RS.

The cp-e xFlex Stage 2 Rear Motor Mount for the RS is $246.05

For those of you who are planning to abuse your Focus RS on the road course, drag strip, or autox, the one rear motor mount may not be enough. As the rear motor mount eliminates the back and forth movement under acceleration, the side mounts keep the engine firmly in place under cornering G's as well as acceleration G's. These mounts are going to help you get the power to the pavement under all circumstances.

The cp-e xFlex Passenger Side Mount is $296.84
The cp-e xFlex Trans Mount is $279.10

For more information on specific durometers and specific mounts, you can check them out on our website by following the link below!

Focus RS Motor Mounts from cp-e

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Just wanted to drop in and say I just ordered a rmm (stage 2) from Edge and ordered from them when I was replacing parts on my ms3. Was very happy to see Edge in the RS parts! Some of the best people to buy from!
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