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Ben Collins at the wheel of the new Ford Focus RS in Drift Mode

Reason for post: A bit more explanation.

January 16, 2016 By Cars UK

Ford has released a video featuring former Stig Ben Collins as he explains how the four driving modes on the new Ford Focus RS work.

Just yesterday we reported that the new Ford Focus RS has now gone in to production, so with customer cars expected to start arriving in customers’ hands quite soon, a new video from Ford explaining how the Drive Modes on the new Focus RS work is timely.

Ford has roped in former Stig Ben Collins to take the Focus RS out for a play, and go through just what the new RS can do, depending on your mood and road conditions.

Ben explains how each of the Drive Modes work, most interesting of which is probably the RS’s new Drift Mode for when you have room to play.

Ford Focus RS Driving Modes:

RS Normal Mode

The Normal Mode for the RS is for everyday driving, with all the parameters — AWD, Dampers, Steering, Engine, ESC and Exhaust — in their default setting, making everyday driving more like a regular Focus, albeit a Focus with a heft chunk of extra power.

RS Sport Mode

Sport Mode is designed to make the RS lively and responsive on road for when a B-Road blat beckons, with the AWD, Steering, Engine and Exhaust going in to Sport Mode for a more responsive, firmer and more dynamic drive. But, crucially, the ESC and dampers stay in normal mode.

RS Track Mode

In Track Mode — which Ford want you to understand really is for when you’re not on a public road — everything is switched to Sport and the RS is as much of an animal as it can be.

RS Drift Mode

The RS Drift Mode is Ford’s answer to the lack of playfulness adding four-wheel drive to the RS setup in this new generation could have meant.

The Drift Mode works by putting the Dampers and Steering in to Normal Mode — for easier handling — and the AWD setup in to ‘Drift’, which shuffles torque round the back wheels, focussing on the outside wheel, to help both provoke and control drifting.

Ford Focus RS Drive Modes explained by the man who was The Stig (video)
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