I bought this new from Full Blown, but never installed it. Now I ordered a high pressure fuel pump setup to use instead, since this fuel rail is visible and will not pass smog in California.

The OEM fuel pump will handle this additional fuel rail with no problems - there are a bunch of people on this forum with them installed.

NEW LOWER PRICE 2/9/23: I lowered this to move at $630 via PayPal for this setup, shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. For other destinations, or any other questions, PM me.

I will email the base fuel map that Full Blown sent me after I purchased it, to use or send to your tuner.


Kit includes:
(1) FBM Billet CNC Secondary Injector adapter
(1) FBM Billet Fuel Rail (Black Anodized)
(4) FBM Spec Bosch Injectors
(1) FBM Fuel Pressure Kit with liquid-filled gauge
(1) Complete Fuel Line Kit for direct plug and play plumbing
(1) Secondary Pulse Width Controller - Split Second AIC1-V4H w/4-Channel Tach Additional Injector Controller
(1) Split Second Installation Instructions

Current Full Blown pricing page for this setup:

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