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bringing chat from the dead

i purchased RB brake rotors in may 2018.

i do go to track events

for my first season of track work the rotors performed great. had no issues.
my second season mountune track pads were worn and they went from winnmax to another supposed EBC compund

you can guess what happened next. crazy brake chatter/shudder throughout front end.

i went to RB website at the time and couldnt find replacement rings.
so i moved on to Girodisc rotors. had no issues with these at track events.
i bought another set of mountune track pads "EBC" and all was good

now mountune dont offer track pads anymore, ridiculous.
so i decided to get my old RB rotors resurfaced but it didnt work out.

called up RB and they said they always had replacement rings but the website had to be updated, (wasnt showing) and they did so
with hardware

so now im going to give RB another try and use hawk pads cause good reviews and it seems like every aftermarket supplier has them
this setup will be used for track and the girodisc will be used for non track use

no longer do i have to worry about different compounds with same rotors. they will be married for ever and ever LOL

hope this helps anyone who had similar issue.
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141 - 141 of 141 Posts