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It is likely few recognize this European brand. Known for the widest selection of rally wheels from any manufacturer, Braid wheels are of the highest quality and durability. Here in the states, you find Braid wheels on rally cars from single enthusiast Subaru owners to professional Porsche rally teams. Rally racing takes a back seat in the US market and is not widely promoted. In Europe however, rally racing is prominent and Braid wheels are a leader.

Recently, Braid released the Fullrace FF, their initial flow formed competition wheel. This is a very stout wheel. In true motorsport fashion, the Fullrace FF is a multispoke wheel, in this case 10 spokes. The combination of Braid's full flowcast technology and flow forming result in top shelf competition wheels. Braid wheels come standard with steel bolt hole inserts, are hubcentric, can accommodate wheel caps, and custom colors are available @ $45 per wheel (grey is standard for this wheel).Just about any offset is available to order.

Retail pricing (not including shipping, which is air freight only with 3 to 4 week ETA):
FR-FF 8x18 from 19.2 lbs $350 each
FR-FF 8.5x18 from 20.6lbs $395 each
FR-FF 18x9 from 20.7lbs $410 each
*weight can vary from listed due to offset, hub bore, and number of stud holes.

19" wheels are not offered.

This is the perfect complimentary clubsport/sportsman wheel worthy of the RS.
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