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Automotive technologies are some of the fastest-growing in the world and they went through some remarkable changes over the past 20 years. Today we stand on the verge of probably the most incredible step for the mankind and automotive market, and its called autonomous driving. This subject is widely discussed in all social media, press and auto shows. We couldn't stay aside and decided to dive deeper into the subject in our new article.

Tech experts divide autonomous driving into 5 levels, depending on the interaction between the car and the driver. Technologies the world has already seen, represented by Tesla, Mercedes and BMW yet have reached to 4 levels only, which somehow involve the driver into the driving process. However, when the 5th level will be reached the only goal you as a driver will have is to reach your final destination without doing anything for that. Does it sound like something we're ready for and what are the pros and cons?

We surveyed 1,034 individuals to find out “How do Americans feel about autonomous driving?”. See what they think in our new research!

Autonomous Driving Survey Results - Infographic

What is your attitude to this topic?
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