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Auto stop-start

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Does anyone have additional details regarding this "feature" on the RS? On some vehicles it can be disabled, and it appears there is a button that allows you to turn it off, but I'm curious if there will be a setting where it can be turned off by default.
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Whether or not the auto-start/stop resets makes very little difference to me. Come on, pushing a button is hardly a big deal.
Okay, let's say you like "Sport" mode, you like driving in the daytime with your fog lights on (which I do now on ST with bright LEDs), and you want auto-stop off.

So every drive, I see as my typical set-up scenario:
(1) start car
(2) set drive mode to "Sport" :cool:
(3) set parking lights on ( needed to set fogs) :cool:
(4) turn fog lights on ( not persistent setting) :cool:
(5) set auto start/stop off :)

Then drive like heck to make up for the 45 second set-up time :) Yep, not a big deal ... I guess ??:confused:


Well, we're talking about the auto start/stop feature, not how long it takes to load the groceries. It's literally the time it takes to push a button. I just don't see that as a life altering problem.
I understand what you're saying. I was just using an analogy to point out that disabling the start/stop feature is independent of the other processes you mentioned. But as you say, "...whatever..." It's just not a big deal.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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