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While I already have a SG RS on order at under MSRP. I found one for $1,000 over MSRP at Mac Haik Ford in Houston Tx area. The manager their, Monte Clair, provided me with an order number so I had dkirby track it and give me all the specs for this particular order. It is a NB color, RS2 package, moon roof, and standard wheels/ tires. Dkirby has confirmed this order to have been selected for scheduling on 19Nov. Talk to manager Monte Clair. My assumption is that someone back out on the sale and is now available for someone to pick it up. They called me desperately to see if I was still interested in it, but I have one order elsewhere already, which the manger didn't know so I kept emailing him to see how low he would go on the price. He did initially state $2500 over msrp but I talked him down to $1000 over. Someone give him a holler, I don't think you'll find anything better as far as price goes. This was during the day that me and him were conversing, so I will assume that it is still available.
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