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i just like the idea of having the versatility of both a gas and electric car in our house. I’m picking up a model Y performance next Saturday. It will be our in and around town and my work commuter car. We will have the wife’s bronco sport for longer road trips and her work commute.

I’m not a fan of throwing all my eggs in one basket when it comes to energy. Our energy options should be versatile and sustainable first and foremost IMO. Would love to go to a totally renewable energy source, but we shouldn’t cut our legs off and tie our hands behind our back to get there.
This response is far too reasonable for an internet forum. How dare you.


Do any of you guys have an electric vehicle in the garage alongside your RS's? If you do, which model is it and how to you like it?
We just got our first EV, a Rivian, two weeks ago and have really enjoyed it so far. It's been a fun getting used to the quirks and capabilities of the e-truck. A little more here: If you had to upgrade the RS today, what would you get?
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