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Nope. Like some of them but the cost never pans ours for me. Find an equivalent car with ice and it’s always cheaper.
Second part of me refuses to buy one based on principle. Tax payers should not have to pay for part of your car. If they were that good they would sell without the help.
Plus I have a real problem with being force to do something. Here is how I see it first they say no more modifications for cars no tunes, exhaust or anything. Make ice less fun. Thenforce the car companies to go ev. Even if people do t want them. Then when they don’t sell bail them out again. Not to mention what happens when the only place you can get power is for a government controlled power company. Ever try having a dispute withyour company good luck.
So I don’t just out of principal. Let the companies try and build something that wo t sell and see how long that lasts.
So it’s not like they are not decent cars I actually like some but I won’t be like the guy at McDonald’s encouraging customers to use self check out knowing it will replace me.
Well put.
It’s comin’, no matter what.
The problem I have person says, phfft, my toaster draws more current, and it will recharge in 20 min. The next person says, the grid will melt, if one more Tesla gets plugged in.
NOBODY knows.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts