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Had some time on my hands, and got tired of repeatedly digging through the service manual for torque specs, so I compiled this list of every torque specification that I could find. Thought others in the community might find it useful.

Torque (lb ft)Notes
Front Suspension
steering column shaft bolt21
front stabilizer bar link lower nuts46
tie rod end nut35
exhaust pipe hanger assembly bolts18
engine roll restrictor bolt63
front subframe bracket bolts35
braket to front subframe bolts46
rearward front subframe bolts103+180 deg
forward front subframe bolts85
front stabilizer bar bracket nuts 85+90 deg
front wheel hub (axle) nut81+60 deg
front lower strut-to-wheel knuckle nut and bolt59+180 deg
front wheel speed sensor bolt42 lb in
front lower control arm/ball joint/knuckle bolt61
front outer tie rod end nut35
front lower control arm ground strap bolt97 lb in
front lower control arm bushing bolt111+90deg
front chassis brace bar outer nut66
front chassis brace bar inner bolt81
brake hole bracket bolt97 lb in
front stabilizer bark link upper nut35
front wheel knuckle-to-strut bolt 59+180deg
cowl panel grille retainers18 lb in
front strut and spring assembly upper bolts26
front strut rod bearing plate nut41
strut upper bolts26
Rear Suspension
rear trailing arm front bolts129
rear lower arm-to-trailing arm bolt85
Rear Sway Bar End Link nuts76
brake hose bracket to trailing arm bolt85
parking brake cable bracket bolt17 lb in
rear shock absorber lower bolt85
trunk support bracket bolts18
Rear sway bar bushing heat shield nuts80 lb in
Rear sway bar bushing bolts44
Wheel bearing and hub assy bolts81in sequence
Rear hub (axle) nut37
Rear suspension "front lower arm" inboard bolt85
Rear suspension "front lower arm" outboard bolt94
rear lower arm-to-rear subframe retainer66
rear shock absorber upper bolts18
Lug nut torque100
Front Chassis bracket - outer bolts (2 LH / 2 RH)46
Front Chassis bracket - short stud nut18
Front Chassis bracket - long stud nut35
Driveshaft bolts26
Drafeshaft support brackets bolts18
rear axle assembly member brace bolts - forward X685
rear axle assembly member brace bolts - rear X218
RDU ground wire bolt89 lb in
RDU control module bolts89 lb in
RDU insulator bushing bolts66
RDU Drive Pinion Flange Nut173
RDU Drain Plug26
PTU Cooler Bolts124 lb in
PTU Drain Plug33
PTU Cover Bolts115 lb in + 45deg
PTU Pinion Nut173
PTU Heat Shield Bolts89 lb in
PTU Mounting Bolts59
PTU Support Bracket to Block Bolt46
Support Bracket to PTU bolts18lower, then upper in sequence
Passenger Side Halfshaft Bearing Strap nuts44 lb in, 18 lb ft
Front Disk Brake
Front brake caliper bolts85+90deg
Front brake disk shield bolts22
Front brake pad retainer bolt20
Front brake flex line to hard line fitting133 lb in
Front brake flex line bracket bolt89 lb in
Front brake flex line caliper flow bolt35
Rear Disk Brakes
Rear brake caliper slider bolts20
Rear brake flex line to hard line fitting133 lb in
Rear brake flex line bracket bolt22
Rear brake flex line caliper fitting21
Rear brake caliper anchor plate bolts22+90deg
Parking Brake
Parking brake cable body bracket bolts97 lb in
Parking brake cable suspension arm brackets17 lb in
barking brake lever bolts26
Brake System
Master cylinder brake line fittings18
Master cylinder nuts18
Brake pedal bracket nuts17
Brake booster nuts17
Front Wheel speed sensor42 lb in
Hydraulic control unit fittings159 lb in
Hydraulic control unit bracket bolts80 lb in
ABS Module screws44 lb in
Rear wheels speed sensor44 lb in
Steering gear bolts (Driver side, then Passenger, then rear)81, loosen 360deg, 41, 180degIn sequence
Inner Tie Rod61
Outer Tie Rod Jam Nut66
Steering Wheel Bolt35
Steering column shaft coupler bolt21
Steering column retainer bolts18
Steering angle sensor module upper screws25 lb in
Steering angle sensor module lower screws12 lb in
piston oil squirter bolts89 lb inin sequence
Crankshaft Bearing Ladder bolts44 lb in, 18 lb ft, 90deg
Connecting Rod Cap Bolts89 lb in, 21 lb ft, 90degin sequence
Balancer Unit Bolts18, 31in sequence
Oil Pump Bolts89 lb in, 177 lb in
Oil pump sprocket bolt18
Oil pump chain tensioner bolts89 lb in
crankshaft rear oil seal bolts89 lb in
Balancer Unit Oil Tube89 lb inin sequence
Oil Pan Bolts18in sequence
Cylinder Head Bolts62 lb in, 133 lb in, 41 lb ft, 90 deg, 90 degin sequence
Cam Cap Bolts62 lb in, 142 lb in
Variable Cam Timing Solenoid Bolts89 lb in
Camshaft Timing Chain Tensioner Bolts89 lb in
Variable Cam Timing units Bolt30+60deg
Front Cover to cylinder head center bolts35
Front Cover bolts89 lb in
Harmonic Balancer Crank Bolt74+180deg
Crankshaft Position Sensor Bolts62 lb in
Cranshaft Timing Peg Plug Bolt177 lb in
Intake Camshaft End Drive Adapter46in sequence
Fuel Injector Bolts89 lb in, 0 torque, wait 5 sec, 124 lb in + 30deg
Crankcase Vent Separator Plate Bolts89 lb in
Knock Sensor Bolts177 lb in
oil filter adapter bolts18
coolant outlet adapter bolts89 lb in
cylinder head valve cover bolts89 lb in
coil on plug bolts53 lb in
high pressure fuel pump housing133 lb in + 60deg
cylinder head coolant tube bolt97 lb in
cylinder head coolant tube bracket nut115 lb in
cylinder head temperature sensor bolt97 lb inalternate, 1 full turn on each side until torqued
high pressure fuel pump bolts44 lb in + 55 deg
high pressure fuel pump bracket bolts150 lb in
high pressure fuel line flare nuts133 lb in + 30 deg
high pressure fuel line bracket bolt89 lb in
high pressure fuel line bracket nut150 lb in
Brake Vacuum Pump Bolts89
A/C compressor bracket stud80 lb in
A/C compressor bracket fasteners18
block heater 30
passenger side halfshaft bracket bolts35
coolant pump bolts89 lb in
alternator bolts18
coolant pump pulley bolts177 lb in
accessory drive belt tensioner bolts18
cylinder head exhaust studs150 lb in
turbocharger nuts37
turbocharger heat shield bolt89 lb in
turbocharger oil supply tube bolt89 lb in
turbocharger oil supply tube banjo flow bolt18
turbocharger to cylinder block oil return tube bolts89 lb in
turbocharger coolant inlet tube bracket bolt89 lb in
turbocharger coolant supply banjo flow bolt27
thermostat housing bolts89 lb inin sequence
intake manifold bolts177 lb in
turbocharger vacuum tube assembly bracket nuts89 lb in
EVAP canister purge valve bracket nuts97 lb in
Alternator Positive Terminal nut150 lb in
Turbocharger inlet pipe clamp44 lb in
turbocharger inlet pipe mounting nut89 lb in
turbocharger inlet pipe engine cover stud89 lb inStar pattern
flywheel bolts37, 59, 83Tighten in star pattern, 2 turns at a time.
Clutch pressure plate bolts16, 21
Oil Drain Plug20
Engine Oil Filter71 lb in + 180 deg
A/C compressor bolts18
A/C line to compressor nuts177 lb in
Body Ground bolt106 lb in
Radiator bolt89 lb in
Accessory Drive Belt Idler Pulley18
Spark Plugs106 lb in
Passenger Side Engine Mount Studs106 lb in
Passenger side engine mount nuts59
passenger side engine mount bolts66
Starter motor studbolts26
starter motor positive terminal nut159 lb in
starter motor control wire nut106 lb in
Starter Motor Wiring bracket nuts89 lb in
Charge air pipe to intercooler clamp44 lb in
Intercooler support bracket bolts18
Intercooler bolts44 lb in
Airbox Outlet Pipe Mounting Bolt44 lb in
MAP Sensor44 lb in
EVAP Tube Bracket Bolt89 lb in
EVAP canister nuts44 lb in
Camshaft Position Sensor62 lb in
Bellhousing bolts35
Transmission Ground cable Bolt159 lb in
Clutch Pedal Bracket nuts17
Clutch Slave Cylinder bolts97 lb in
Transmision Drain Plug26
Transmission Roll Restrictor (RMM) Studbolts59
Transmission Roll Restrictor (RMM) Pivot Bolt92
Transmission Roll Restrictor (RMM) Subframe Bolt92
Gear Selector Mechanism Mounting Bolts19
Driver Side Transmission Mount - Bracket to Trans bolts59
Driver Side Transmission Mount - Bracket to body109
Neutral Position Sensor Bolt106 lb in
Gearshift Cable Bulkhead Bracket Nuts80 lb in
Gearshift Lever mounting nuts80 lb in
Heated Oxygen Sensor35
Exhaust Hanger Bracket bolt18
Catalytic Converter Bracket to transmission Bolts22
Catalytic Converter to Bracket nut18
Turbocharger Outlet to downpipe Nuts35
Midpipe to Downpipe Clamp18
Downpipe Support Bracket Bolts18
Alternator Pully55
Battery tray support bracket nuts35
Battery tray bolts89 lb in
Battery Terminals44 lb in
Battery Positive fusible link connection89 lb in
Battery Negative terminal ground bolt16
DC/DC converter control module bolts62 lb in
Body and Trim
Rear spoiler outboard fasteners13 lb in
Rear spoiler inboard fasteners62 lb in
Front Seat anchor bolts30
Rear Seat cushion fasteners18
Front Bumper Screws35 lb in
Rear Bumper Screws27 lb in
Rear Seatbelt anchor bolt41
Front seatbelt Buckle Bolt35
cowl extension to cowl panel mounting nuts97
windsield wiper mounting bolt62 lb in
Interior Driver Side Floor Console Bracket Lower Bolts18
Interior Driver Side Floor Console Bracket upper bolt89 lb in
Accelerator Pedal nuts71 lb in

I did my best to sort them into sensible categories. I can edit this list if there is anything missed.

Cheers, and happy wrenching!

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Awesome, bookmarked for future reference. This thread doesn't deserve to be lost, this is sticky material.

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Amazing!! thank you for all your efforts on this, greatly appreciated.

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