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Vivid Racing Presents: KW Automotive Adaptive KW DDC plug & play coilovers for Ford Focus RS!

MSRP $3,349.99. PM, call, or email for Focus RS Forum Exclusive Pricing!

[email protected] | +1.480.966.3040 x230 |

The new DDC coilovers feature all new DDC valve technology and are compatible with numerous factory suspension controls. First, the new DDC plug & play coilovers will be available for the current Ford Focus RS III (DYB). The great advantage, like with the original suspension, is the driver can switch between the modes via the push of a button and the KW DDC plug & play coilover changes the damper forces within one hundredth of a second. The adjustment of the ride height on the adaptive KW DDC plug & play coilovers is made via the dirt-resistant KW trapezoidal thread on the stainless steel strut and the rear axle height adjustment mechanism. The range allows a continuous lowering of 30 to 50 mm on the front axle and 35 to 55 mm at the rear axles.

The latest generations of adaptive KW DDC plug & play coilovers are now also available for the current Ford Focus RS III (DYB) and are an intelligent retrofit solution. This complete suspension control system with the adaptive KW Plug & Play coilovers works via the original Ford electronics system which controls the adaptive KW electronic DDC valves. As a result, all you have to do is replace the standard suspension and the KW DDC Plug & Play dampers which connect directly to the original plugs. With the DDC coilovers it is still possible to switch between the different driving modes like Normal, Sport, Racetrack, and Drift. The adaptive DDC coilovers change according to the various modes and keep the Ford Focus RS better controlled at all times. It improves the driving dynamics and gives the driver perfect grip and control. “The Focus RS factory dampers unfortunately aren’t controlled by an active ECU so the car doesn’t benefit from active chassis control”, explains KW Brand Manager Frank Vasquez. "But the dampers are adaptive and are controlled from the cabin using the Ford’s Drive Mode selector."


KW DDC Plug & Play Coilovers - Ford Focus RS 2016+
Front Lowering: 1.2" to 2.0"
Rear Lowering: 1.4" to 2.1"

02: Front height adjustable by threaded shock bodies. Rear height adjustable by adjustable spring perch.
55: Only for vehicles equipped with electronic dampening control

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You can reach me directly by calling +1.480.966.3040 x230 to place your order over the phone.

Payment Methods:
- Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
- PayPal (MAP Loophole, use the PayPal Direct Payment Link:
- Bank Wire
- PayPal Credit
- AZ Orders will incur 7.8% sales tax
- All international orders (outside of US and Canada) require Bank Wire or PayPal

We have very competitive worldwide shipping rates. Most orders leave via FedEx, however we do use UPS, DHL, and various freight companies. The most efficient shipping method takes precedence. Expedited shipping is available by request.

Hours of Operation: We do not observe Daylight Savings Time in Arizona
March-October: M-F 9am-6pm PST
November-February: M-F 8am-5pm PST
We are closed for business Saturday and Sunday

Contact Information:
Phone: 480.966.3040 x230
Email: [email protected]

Please feel free to contact me via PM, Email, or Phone if you have any questions.

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So for the low, low price of $3,349.99 plus installation (?) ,does that mean you can actually get a decent (i.e. not super stiff ) ride ...a 'normal' mode and a 'comfort' mode as opposed to the current 'stiff' and 'track only' modes ?

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I want a set of these to 22611 please.
I believe I've responded to your email. :)

So for the low, low price of $3,349.99 plus installation (?) ,does that mean you can actually get a decent (i.e. not super stiff ) ride ...a 'normal' mode and a 'comfort' mode as opposed to the current 'stiff' and 'track only' modes ?
That is correct and is achievable by there system being adaptive and of course integrated with the stock selection modes.

But hit me up for that low low...
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