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4 x Cup 2s for sale!!! "insert look at me type stuff here"

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Hi guys/gurls
Selling spare set of cup 2 tyres, never fitted, not going to be used by me. Still have stickers on them.
tyres meant to come with rim upgrade, change of circumstance means they are available looking for $1400 or make an offer on PM kind of want them gone asap as garage not big enough, I'm near Bendigo so can meet up with most all vic people and around Riverina. Sydney people I will be in Sydney 2nd week of April so deposit is all that is necessary or I can mail them possibly.
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Mate I just spoke to you on the phone last night to get the contact details. Just because I don't call them up straight away doesn't mean I am not buying them. I have committed to them so please stop trying to offer it out again.
My mate is waiting for a phone call which i asked you to do this morning. I am happy to accept the price we agreed to however my mate is doing me a massive favour as it is and i can't stuff him around due to his busy schedule. At the moment they are taking up space that he needs to be able to do his work so i need them sold and picked up ASAP.
no you didnt ask me to call him this morning. your whole post that i quoted here wasn't communicated to me during our telephone conversation and is only an arrangement between you and your mate as you couldn't make our original arrangement and didn't communicate that until after the fact also. you also could have given my mobile to him to call me if it was really that urgent.

anyway i did call after seeing your post about "sick of stuffing around and lack of follow through" which i was a bit confused about as i was not made aware of the other circumstances. i spoke to your mate and he is expecting me saturday morning.
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