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Imo a 255 width with a 40 offset wheel anywhere up to 9.5” width will fit easily with no rub up front. Just consider getting a 5-10mm spacer if needed. I have a 40 offset on 9.5” width rim with 265/35/18. I have lowering springs atm and no rubbing.
Good to know
I was on 19x9.5 et42 with 255/35/19 and hated the stretch. KWV3 made them look good.
New setup will be 18x9 et40 and I believe the 255/35/18 will give it a squared off look, especially with a wide tire like a Yokohama AD08R.
Was considering a 265/35/18 on a 18x9 but only in something like a Michelin PS4S which are always stretched because of the rim protector.

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