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2017 Winter Weather Driving Goals

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Submitted for your approval..... I give you "The Winter Weather - Summer Tire Challenge"

In appreciation of the @Slideways20 Snow drift video( :thumbsup: Bro! ), I figured that I would share the mini FanFilm I made for my insta account.
Portland Metro experienced some of the deepest snow it had seen in the past 40 years. Considering my RS is a weekender / track queen and even though I decided against grabbing a winter set, I'd be damned if i were to let this one pass with out giving it a go.

So, After the roads were somewhat cleared for travel, I cautiously ventured out to a secluded lot for Winter Donut Duty and a few Powder slides!!

Notes / Disclaimer(s):
- The Snow was anywhere from 4 - 7 inches in this lot.
- Wheel spin is a b:tch when you are running Conti Extreme contact DW Summers in snow, so break neck speeds these aren't.
- The Lot size didn't allow for any wide sweeps, but I definitely worked the corners.
- Torque Vectoring was doing some serious work!
- What to do with a few older iPhones and makeshift tripod set-up.

Love this car more each day!..


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yeah, the video is listed as private, we can not view it. what's your instagram?
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