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2017 Winter Weather Driving Goals

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Submitted for your approval..... I give you "The Winter Weather - Summer Tire Challenge"

In appreciation of the @Slideways20 Snow drift video( :thumbsup: Bro! ), I figured that I would share the mini FanFilm I made for my insta account.
Portland Metro experienced some of the deepest snow it had seen in the past 40 years. Considering my RS is a weekender / track queen and even though I decided against grabbing a winter set, I'd be damned if i were to let this one pass with out giving it a go.

So, After the roads were somewhat cleared for travel, I cautiously ventured out to a secluded lot for Winter Donut Duty and a few Powder slides!!

Notes / Disclaimer(s):
- The Snow was anywhere from 4 - 7 inches in this lot.
- Wheel spin is a b:tch when you are running Conti Extreme contact DW Summers in snow, so break neck speeds these aren't.
- The Lot size didn't allow for any wide sweeps, but I definitely worked the corners.
- Torque Vectoring was doing some serious work!
- What to do with a few older iPhones and makeshift tripod set-up.

Love this car more each day!..


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had trouble adding video link..
Up now!
Seems you've already taken down the Video. If you repost it, let us know.
yeah, the video is listed as private, we can not view it. what's your instagram?
3rd times a charm!.. :hopelessness:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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