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2017 Focus RS Rev. Hang/Climb problem.

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I have a 2017 Focus RS. It is at the dealer right now with a Rev. Hang/Climb problem. They are telling me that they can’t find a problem and that it’s normal. I have had it Rev. Climb for over a minute. I pull up on the gas peddle and it goes away. The dealer is telling that it’s a fly boy wire system and that is not possible. Has anyone had this problem and know what the solution is so I can tell them?
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If pulling up on the pedal fixes the issue, then it sounds like you just need to have them replace the gas pedal. The sensor is part of it.... and I'm not sure if it can be replaced on its own. Or maybe the return spring on the pedal (or some part related to that) is wearing out.

I don't recall seeing anyone else here that had that issue before.
Thank you for the response. I have said that to them and they told me that can’t be the problem. They don’t know what is wrong and they are calling it normal and want to give the car back to me with fixing the issue. The cars warranty end in July this year.
I appreciate that. I have not said that to them. I will go see them and tell them what you said. I really appreciate the help. Maybe they will look more into those two things.
That will be the next step. Thank you
They sent it to ford. It’s ford telling them that the car is running normal. I believe that they Don’t trouble shoot cars anymore. They plug in their diagnostic device and wait for the answer. If the car is not kicking any codes they don’t seem to ever know what to do.
Thank you for the response. If they don’t fix it I will do that. I will also let them know that you had the same problem and was able to fix it with a peddle assembly.
Thank you for the response. I told the dealer that it was the peddle. They replaced it. They said it fixed the problem. I will be picking up the car today. I appreciate all the information I received here. It was a huge help. Also my warranty runs out in July so I will look here for advice on any other problems. Thank you all agin.
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I drove the RS most of the day yesterday and this morning. The gas pedal assembly replacement fix the issue. The dealer listened to me when I told them I join this forum and that the problem was the pedal assembly.
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