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by Mihnea Radu, 16th October 2015

After being photographed at the beginning of the week, the production prototype of the upcoming Audi TT RS has been captured in motion as well. Not surprisingly, the highlight of the clip is the aural experience, courtesy of a 2.5 TFSI turbo engine.

It might have 367 horsepower like the RS3, or it might go up to 400 hp - we just don't know. One thing is for sure, though - the soundtrack is worthy of a gentleman's race car.

Around the middle of 2016, the performance coupe market is going to turn into a battle of gladiatorial proportions. Rumor has it the facelift for the Cayman GTS will also have a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine, the difference being in both the number of cylinders and their arrangement. With a lighter chassis and more agile handling, Porsche will have an easy job outclassing the quattro machine.

Of course, the most direct competitors for the TT RS come from Mercedes-Benz, which sells multiple flavors of its 381 hp 2-liter turbo. There's no 2-door model among them, but the CLA is just as sexy as the TT. Furthermore, BMW just launched the M2, and even Audi fanatics know it's a dangerous little track tool.

Even though it faces strong opposition, the TT RS should have speed on its side. With a much lighter body than the RS3 and slightly more power, it could reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4 seconds and hit a top speed of 280 km/h (174.0 mph). It should also feel like a more balanced car than the TTS, thanks to the work of qauttro GmbH. They undoubtedly had something to do with how the brakes or suspensions are set up.

The video shows how the hot Audi coupe corners completely flat and pulls itself out of corners using all four tires. You may also notice that a small rear wing pops out from the trunk to provide extra downforce.

2017 Audi TT RS Production Coupe Belches 2.5-Liter Sounds on the Nurburgring - Video - autoevolution

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I watched that clip and thought "is that a 5-cyl?" Googled to confirm. What a great sounds. Reminiscent of the Group-B Audis.
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