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  1. Focus RS Detailing
    Hi all, I'm ignorant to the paint protection world, so seeking advice of those who have experience! After owning the FiST I've learned my lesson and looking at my 3M/XPEL options. Now that I've grabbed a quote today, I'm curious to hear thoughts of those here who know more about the pricing...
  2. Focus RS Detailing
    Hey everyone, I had Suntek PPF Ultra installed on the front of my RS last week. So far looks great!! Does anyone have any suggestions for what to use to clean the PPF? My installer recommended just normal washing and use of some synthetic wax. He recommended Turtle Wax ICE, which is what I am...
  3. Focus RS Photos and Videos
    I promised everyone that I would include some pictures. I had the front end of the car covered. Here are the pictures the installer sent me.
1-3 of 3 Results