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  1. Focus RS TroubleShooting
    My new (to me) 2018 RS's driver side tail light (the LED one that comes on with the headlights or parking lights) wasn't coming on, so I used it as an excuse to order the smoked Spec-D lights I wanted anyway. However, the light doesn't come on in the new set either. The passenger side one has...
  2. Focus RS Lighting
    Hello folks, Had my 2017 Focus RS for 3 years know. Absolutely love my car. However, with a little one on the way soon, it’s time to say goodbye to my RS..for now. I am having headlight issues. Ironic that it happened the week I listed it on Facebook marketplace. I am no car expert and even...
  3. Focus RS Electronics
    Does anyone know where I could buy an oem wiring harness for the stock subwoofer. I’m going back to a stock subwoofer and misplaced the plug after cutting it. I can’t find these anywhere online and would be willing to buy one from someone that isn’t using it. Its the black plastic piece in this...
1-3 of 3 Results