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  1. Focus RS Wheel Spacers

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    So I'm planning on getting the Eibach lowering springs for my car within the next month or so, and I wanted to get some wheel spacers to go along with it. I might get the spacers prior to getting my suspension though just because of ease of installation. For those that dont know, the Eibach...
  2. FS: OEM Radiator (G1FZ-8005-A), 4 19" OEM Wheels (G1EJ1007B1A)

    Parts for Sale
    Location: greater Denver area FS: OEM Radiator - Used for ~35k mi. No issues - $375 Shipped 4 x 19"x8 OEM Wheels - $1,300 OBO - one wheel has a bit of road rash (see pic) - we can figure out shipping or pickup / delivery in the greater Denver area.
  3. FS: Springs and Spacers for Sale!

    Parts for Sale
    Hey y'all, I need to sell these parts from my 2017 RS. 15 MM ST Spacers w/shaft style lugnuts. Only used for approx. 1000 mi. - $200 Whiteline Lowering Springs. Only used for approx. 1000 mi. - $200 I am located in Odessa, TX or will ship anywhere in the U.S. -Matt
  4. FS: White Ford Racing 19 inch rims

    Parts for Sale
    Just traded up to this RS from my ST on Monday. Sorting out what I don't like on it, and these rims are on the list. Have an appointment on Tuesday the 16th to have new wheels and tires installed, so I am offering these up for sale White Ford Racing wheels, no curb rash, RS logos with Nitto...
  5. SOLD: Set of OEM Forged Black Alloys with TPMS, Original Ford Performance RS Center Caps, and Michelin PSS, 6k Miles on Them

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD - Set of OEM 19" x 8" black forged alloy rims with Michelin PSS Tires on them (6k miles on them, tread depth >7/32"). Original Ford performance RS center caps with TPMS sensors installed. When taken off 2018 RS, they were inspected and balanced. See photos for great rim condition. Price...
  6. [FS] 18x9.5 +44mm Forgestar F14 Wheels with Federal RSRR tires(Mass Pickup)

    Parts for Sale
    Custom ordered offset wheels that were on my Focus RS. These are 19lbs, in mint shape and true. They come with 255/35/18 Federal RSRRS tires which have about half tread left. link to wheels: link to tires...
  7. SOLD: Fifteen52 Turbomacs 18x9 DAMAGED, CHEAP, NEED GONE!!!!

    Parts for Sale
    Hi all. Here I have for sale a set Fifteen52 Turbomacs in 18x9 (discontinued). These have been used as a track set of wheels and the reason why I am selling them is that at the end of the season last year I took a curb a that was raised higher than expected and when the car came down I managed...
  8. looking for rs2 wheels

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    hmu if you know anyone that is selling a full set of rs2 wheels for a good price in northern california thank you ?
  9. WTB: 18x9 fifteen52 Turbomac Wheel (1 or 2)

    Parts for Sale
    Hi all, looking to purchase 1 or 2 18x9 5x108 fifteen52 Turbomac wheels. Unfortunately I severely cracked my front left before the end of the track season last year and they don't sell the 18x9 wheel size anymore. If anyone has 1 or 2 wheels I can purchase that would be a massive help so I don't...
  10. (SOLD) 18x8 Sparco Assettto with 255 RE71R's

    Sold Sold Sold
  11. FS: Method 502 Wheels 18x8 Bronze

    Parts for Sale
    For Sale (4) Method 502 Bronze Wheels for 2016-2018 Focus RS \ 2013-Up Focus ST Size: 18" x 8.0" Offset: 38mm Backspacing: 5.98" Hub: 63.40mm Finish: Method Bronze Bolt Pattern: 5x108 Weight: 27.4 lbs. Condition: New Asking: $555 Location: New Smyrna Beach, FL Thanks
  12. WTB Winter Wheel setup

    Parts Wanted
    Hello, That time of year... Looking for a winter wheel setup. Doesnt need to be the OEM package.
  13. (SOLD) Winter Wheel Package - Enkei YS5 18x8 + Blizzak WS80

    Sold Sold Sold
    Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell my winter wheel and tire set-up. I recently made the hard choice to sell the RS, because I moved and need something more suited for my 80 mile commute. Below is a summary of the package. Everything only has two seasons (total 10 months) on them. Everything is...
  14. Cheapest set of winter wheels and tires that would fit?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys, I just recently bought my 2017 RS, (as in 2 days ago), and I've seen that the pilot super sports are not very safe tires in the cold and snow. I live in New England and cold and snow is all we get here in February. I want to get a set of wheels and tires to just use in the winter but...
  15. Vivid Racing | Advan RZII 18x9 +38 | IN STOCK READY TO SHIP!!!

    Vivid Racing
    Vivid Racing Presents: Advan RZII Racing Gloss Black PM, call, or email for Focus RS Exclusive Pricing! [email protected] | +1.480.966.3040 x270 | Vivid Racing is proud to have worked with Yokohama Wheel Design and Mackin Industries to bring you yet another...
  16. (SOLD) Ford Focus RS 19" OEM Wheels - Full Set - PERFECT Condition

    Sold Sold Sold
    Selling a set of OEM 19" wheels for the Ford Focus RS. $600 NO DAMAGE - ALL WHEELS IN FLAWLESS CONDITION! Includes boxes (in case you want to keep them in storage), and factory Ford center caps. Great for a set of winter tires!! Available for pickup or delivery within an hour of Chicago. PM...
  17. OEM Forged Premium rim - $1900 for each rim - why Ford, why!?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    So I scraped the side of one of my rear rims on a cobble stone curb (that's like 1 grit sandpaper) right where the rim meets the tire about 10" along the diameter of the wheel, such a bummer:( especially when I was cut off by another driver. I go to ford and want to order another rim - $1900...
  18. Konig Ultraform 19x8.5 ET42 - 19.9 lbs

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Got a great deal on them for $845 shipped. Can't wait to get these on!
  19. 19'' Snow/winter tire recommendations?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    So I live in KY where we can have some snowy winters. They can be at the very least below 45 degrees so I want to get a set of winter tires on my new RS. I have 19'' wheels on mine though so I was wondering if you have any recommendations. The threads I've seen on this subject tend to be for...
  20. Will It Fit: 235/50/R18?

    Focus RS Wheels and Tires
    Whats up guys, I just came across a good local deal for a set of blizzak LM60's but I want to make sure they'll fit before I pop the trigger. Do you guys think ill have any clearance issues with 235/50/R18 tires on a set of ST snowflake rims? I know that my speedo will give me some...